Hot sisters (or brothers) in your cong...

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  • blakky

    I was just wandering...

    Was it just me or was everyone thinking about it....

    Ive been in a few congs where some of the sisters were absolutely drop dead gorgeous! My last cong here in Sydney, there was about 160 publishers so the talent was every where..

    I remember having the hots for this sister, who happens to be the wife of the service overseer... She was xxx hot. I remember always having to wear my suit coat to the meeting to hide my excitement.. I think all the bro's must have thought the same thing.

    I would have given anything to have an opportunity to have a crack...

    Were there any sisters (or brothers) in your cong that stood out?

  • stillajwexelder

    Oh yes -one dynamite sister that was blonde and another with long brunette hair - lovely

  • Ellie

    besides me, no, lol, no just kidding, there were 1 or 2 yes

  • Cori

    Its funny, because there was this elders wife who was very cool with the young folks in my cong. She was tanned, with beautiful black hair and extremely HOT, and I did anything I could to hang out with her. If only she knew my dirty thoughts....hehehe

  • whyamihere

    Not at all...........Well my husband was the only hot guy there.

    Anyway, there were ok ones and some you would look twice at and felt sorry for them.

    I remember once an Elder told everyone I looked nice in my PJ's. I think some brothers thought I wasn't bad since I always made them trip, stumble, and even


  • serendipity

    I think most of the good looking brothers are in the Spanish congregations, but many are short and I like my men close to 6'.

    In my current congregation, there is one very good-looking brother, tall too. All the single sisters are after him, as you may imagine. I think he's in his late 30's and not married for the 8 years I've known him. Kind of odd, because he definitely could have his pick.

    There's another good-looking brother from a different congregation who I met last year, recently-divorced after his wife cheated on him, repeatedly.

    I guess good looks don't guarantee lasting love....

  • bull01lay

    There were a few hot sisters in my old congregation - one in particular that I grew up with, but was always too shy to actually approach her about how I felt. She was beautiful, and fun to be with. Her beauty shone through with her personality too.

    Her mother left and became an apostate years before I left the JW's. Once, on a trip to Mark Eaton Park, we saw each other again (after they'd left for about 2 years) and we shared a moment, just looking at each other. Then that was it, never seen her since. Heard she eventually got married to Royal Marine...

    God I was stupid to be so closed up !!!


  • lonelysheep

    The only guy who ever made my head turn was the Pretty Ricky of our cong. His name really was Ricky.

  • pratt1

    Quite a few in my hall.

    Brothers would come from all over the circuit to our hall on Sundays just to meet the hottie sisters in my hall.

    They were like sisters to me so outside of a little fooling around here and there, I pretty much ventured out of my hall for talent.

    I ended up marrying a sister from another hall who was considered pretty hot there.

    Too bad the marriage sucked.

  • anewme

    I have always thought the modest, well groomed witnesses were pretty good looking, the sisters in their dresses and skirts, the brothers in their suits and ties.

    My present husband actually fell for me while I was married to an elder. He was a neighbor and said he used to see me leave for the meetings in my skirts and dresses and long for a wife for himself like that.

    Anyway, in my old hall there was a young woman. Her beauty was so extreme and head turning that her mother worried (with good reason) how to raise her to have a healthy spiritual future.
    She went to the elders about it. She told me these things as she was in my book study and would stay after to talk with my husband openly in the living room.

    In time she told me her decision was to marry her off to a wealthy young brother who showed great interest in her. Of course many brothers showed interest in her. She thought if the brother was poor she might be wooed away by another with more money, but if she was comfortable in life, why leave?

    This plan was agreed on by all and our little sister was married off to a young man (who looked similar to Abe Lincoln to me.) But he was very wealthy and co-owner with his father in a successful business.
    The family was a third generation witness family and things went fine for years. They had a daughter who took after her mother in extreme beauty.

    But alas, I heard while dfd that the outstanding beauty has left her witness hubby and gone off with a rich worldly man.

    Moral of the story: "Never make a pretty woman your wife......get an ugly girl to marry you!"
    Just kidding. But seriously my husband says most guys know the dangers of marrying an extreme beauty.
    Theres always going to be another guy trying to steal her away. And given the spirituality in the world today, for the right price she'll probably go!

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