Say something here, that you'd say in your JW active days

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  • jwfacts

    The end is coming in the year of peace 1986,
    No! well definitely by 2000

  • defd

    The fact is jwfacts, that it is COMING. Are we ready for it?


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I think I will get up early in the morning and see if that speech by the UN secretary-general was a start of the great persecution......

    Won't it be hard to tell if we witnesses are being turned on in persecution by the UN, or being eaten by the Wild Beast as part of the harlot.....

    ]Now we know the answer to that one don't we now matey? Wink wink.]

  • Confession

    (Hooked up to a lie detector...)

    "Look, we have never said we were prophets." BUZZ!

    "Okay, well we maybe we did. But we didn't mean we were, like, God's spokesmen or anything." BZZZTT!!

    "Oyy, guess we did that too, didn't we? Well, in saying we were prophets and God's spokesman, we never meant to suggest that...err....ummm...that we....uhhh...we weren't saying we were God ourselves (wince.)" (NO BUZZ)

    "Whew... So there you go. We weren't pretending to actually be God. And that being the case, in carrying out our Godly commission, we were always very cautious and responsible." (BUZZ!)

    "Ouch, careful and reliable." (BUZZZZ!!)

    "Hoo! Accurate and conscientious?" (BRZZZZDTT!)

    "Argghh! Faithful and discreet?" (BUZZUZZZUZZZZRRTTTTTTZZZ!!!)

    "Freaky hell, what do I say?! Um, legalistic and authoritarian???" (NO BUZZ)

  • diamondblue1974

    Its obvious that Bro so and so hasnt got the right heart condition...he even uses the internet!!


  • onesong

    This is a great thread!!! I'm drinkin' some rum and totally enjoying this!

    How about: "We must remember, it's a perfect organization run by imperfect people"

    "Don't go there --that's "'higher criticism'"

    "Isn't it amazing how with Jehovah's spirit we can build a Kingdom Hall in 2 days" --"Wait a minute why are they all having mold problems now, didn't Jehovah help us build it?"

    " Just wait, someday they'll see who's right"

    "We must be humble" even though we're God's "chosen people"

    "Why can't people see that this is obviously "Da Troof"

    or from my former PO- " I'm so glad the FDS does all this work for me because I don't have the time"

    also from him--" There's a fine line between being objective and apostate"

  • jwfacts

    Yes D Fed, the end is coming, and many Christians acknowledge that. They just don't need to use false prophecies to motivate their members. They feel that the motivation of love for God is enough.

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