Say something here, that you'd say in your JW active days

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  • Smiles_Smiles

    Missed u at the meeting.

    Are you doing ea

  • IP_SEC

    Up until 2004

    Trust in Jehovah

    You have doubts because you arent spiritual enough

    The field ministry is the most important thing you can be doing right now.

    If we are taugh be jehovah, then we wont have to learn how bad the world is through the school of hard nocks

    The spirit of the world blah blah blah

    The end is blah blah blah

    This old system is like a sinking blah blah blah

    After 2004

    It really doesnt matter what the elders think, you have to do what is right between you and god

    What does your conscience tell you to do?

    But what did Jesus say

    Used in a meeting for FS in the library

    Ahh yes here is the freedom book. Did you know this is the book that got the org all in a raz about 1975? Of course we dont believe anymore most of what is in this book or many of our older pulications... Perhaps it would be good to read those older publications to see where we came from?

    After 2005

    Oh yes well actually his name is Bill Bowen and he was disfellowshipped for telling the public just how bad the pedophile scandal in the organization is.

  • ButtLight
    "Thank you for coming to this judicial meeting. The judicial committee has decided that you should be disfellowshipped. You should know that you do have 7 days in which to make an appeal if you think that this committee has made an erroneous decision based upon the facts understood from this meeting."

    You forgot the part "you dont have any type of recording device with you, do you?"

  • xjwms

    Hey brother _________ I am having a ""get/together"" over at my place on saturday, .. two or three couples

    you know, some fancy Horseeey Do/oveeers, shoot some pool, open bar... can you make it say 5 /ish.

  • bavman

    I wish that sister's skirt was shorter.

  • Honesty

    From the platform:

    The brothers realise that you sisters experience some difficult times hard to deal with when you are going through your monthly cycle. However, is PMS really an excuse to....

    I said it during a CO's visit. Never lived it down, either.

  • 144001

    Although I was born and raised a JW, I never really considered myself to be one as I hated it so much. I felt more like a prisoner/slave of the Watchtower. But, since I did do field service under duress (i.e., threat of physical harm), I guess you could say that at one time I was "active," so I guess I'm qualified to comment in this thread. Here are the things I said in those days:

    1. F$ck, it's Tuesday and that means a meeting tonight. (ditto for Thursday and Sundays)

    2. F$ck, the circuit or district assembly is next week.

    3. I wish I was dead.

  • Undecided

    I've washed my mind of all the crap I ever said, seriously I can't remember anything I said back in those days.

    Ken P.

  • coffee_black

    "It is so hard in these trying times to maintain one's integrity."


  • lonelysheep

    (to office party birthday cake) "No, thanks, I'll pass."

    Merry Christmas, Lonelysheep! What are you doing for the holiday? "Well, I no longer celebrate holidays because I'm studying with Jehovah's Witnesses."

    Wanna participate in the office lotto pool? "No thanks, I don't gamble."

    How do you know you guys have the truth? "Because we are the only ones to call god by his name, Jehovah, and, my friend, we have love amongst ourselves."

    1. F$ck, it's Tuesday and that means a meeting tonight. (ditto for Thursday and Sundays)

    2. F$ck, the circuit or district assembly is next week.

    3. I wish I was dead.

    All three of these as well!

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