Say something here, that you'd say in your JW active days

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  • anewme

    "Have a nice day!"

    I cannot say that anymore, it sounds so lame and phony.

  • ButtLight

    "Im one of jehavahs witnesses, and I dont celebrate Christmas. So I wont be able to sing in the Chrismas concert." (needless to say, not all songs were xmas ones, so I had to stand through them all without moving my mouth!"

  • limbogirl

    "mom -- i'm not feeling so good...i think i have a fever...oh no...i have to throw up. i guess i can't go to the meeting. darn! i'm so disappointed...i was really looking forward to the public talk!" (NOT!!!) the above tactic usually backfired though because of course I wasn't sick and after the meeting there was some fun thing I wanted to do but wasn't allowed to because I hadn't gone to the meeting.

  • JH

    After morning field service (9 to 12) and then afternoon field service from (1 to 4pm), where do we gather tonight for the (7 to 9)?

    Put the Kingdom first and everything will work out fine brother.

  • Ring Wielder
    Ring Wielder

    'You will ALWAYS feel better for having gone to the meeting' ..(I said that from the platform on more than one occasion) The last year I was there..I ALWAYS felt worse..crushed with massive guilt feelings, cos I couldnt live up to their ideals.

  • dedpoet

    The only thing that's stuck in my mind is that phrase so many use to open a conversation on the ministry:

    "Most honest - hearted people would agree" was like you were issuibg a direct challenge to the often - bemused householder to agree with you or be seen as dishonest in some way.

  • greendawn

    Only the FDS is authorised to decide what the truth is, and no one should try to run ahead of him.

    Jehovah will destroy all worldly people.

  • JH

    I don't want any blood ! Do you hear me ! I rather die !!!!!!!

  • Soledad

    I didn't speak the "pure language." It made me sick.

  • CountryGuy

    JWs are like coca-cola, we're everywhere.
    (Big deal, so are cockroaches.)

    Jehovah has really blessed your efforts.
    (Whatever, like he cares.)

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