Is there any hope of you coming back to Jehovah?

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  • LeftBehind

    My brother is a self proclaimed apostate. I see now that there is a wide variety of posters here. So to those that have left the Witnesses what would it take to get you back? My brother finds all kinds of fault with the organization. I want him to come back for Jehovah not because he wants us to be a family again. If it's not in his heart there is really no point. What happened to you that made you leave? I have thought and thought for months if something bad happened. If he was stumbled some how that Satan was able to get to him when he was vulenerable. I know he "researched" on the internet but it had to be more than that. Is their anything your family could do to get you back?

  • mrsjones5

    jehovah who?

    Seriously, no there'is nothing that the society or my family could offer that would make me want to come back and subject my family to the organisation. We're happy where we are and with the church that we attend and the way we worship God.


  • blondie

    The WTS is the apostate organization. We didn't leave God, we left an apostate organization.

  • The Lone Ranger
    The Lone Ranger

    I think you need to listen to him dear.

  • Legolas

    Leftbehind.....Do you know of that they own shares in a company that makes engines for Warcrafts, and a company that makes cigarettes, and that the date 607 and 1914 are Wrong?

  • IP_SEC

    Nope. I've got all the proof I need. Im willing to live with my choice whether my family talks to me or not. It was the right thing to do.

    Left, can you tell me why it was good of the prophets like Jeremiah to tell the leaders of Jehovahs Organization they were doing wrong but its not ok for witnesses to do the same thing today?

  • bull01lay

    Hi LeftBehind

    I want him to come back for Jehovah not because he wants us to be a family again. If it's not in his heart there is really no point

    I'm glad you at least acknowledge the right reasons for going back - my mom wants me back at any cost !

    TBH, I don't think I'd want to come back, even if I felt it was the truth. Whenever I've complained about what I think are unfair / wrong attitudes or behaviours, I always get the stock "They're just men" answer. So are the Governing Body. I'd rather have the freedom to make my own decisions, and live up to the consequences of them, rather than have someone tell me what I can or can't do / think / feel.

    I'm glad to see you came back to the board. What did you think of the answers you received to your first 'vent' ?


  • whyamihere

    When the lies stop....then I will think about it.

    To me you sound very young....Keep reading our stories then you will know why we left and maybe understand.

    My uncle raped my 2 cousins....Nothing was done because too much time passed.

    My other cousin at the age of 3 was raped by a 16 year old....nothing was done because he was a elders son.(seriously)

    My uncles wife(same guy who raped my cousins) like to have sex and do drugs but never got DFed because her Dad would send big checks to the Hall.

    I could go on and on.

    I have family who are Elders, MS, Pioneers, tons in Bethel...I have heard and seen everything. You don't know what I know. Maybe you should.


  • carla

    what makes you think any of these people left God? They left a man made organization. Many were upset by the lies, like the lie told by the wt about the UN, some for the pedophile paradise that the wt is and it's policies, some just could not stand the hypocricy anymore, some left because they found the teachings of the wt do not match those in the Bible, some left to worship God instead of an organization, some because they couldn't understand how an organization that is so against war could own stock in a company that helps produce implements of war, same for owning stock in Phillip Morris, or why the jw's in Malawi were treated so differently than those in Mexico (do your own research on this) the list could go on and on. If you are truly interested in 'truth' you should be able to check out any one of these things. Truth should be able to withstand scrutiny.

  • Cellist

    There is nothing that could get me back. I became a JW because I thought they had the "truth". After ten years of intensive research (only in approved "Society" publications of course) I realized that they weren't what they said they were. So, I left. There was no internet at that time and I didn't read any apostate literature. I also was a good JW and wouldn't talk to apostates.

    It's you following the WTS that is creating the breach in your family. The WTS's policy of shunning is unchristian and unbiblical.


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