Is there any hope of you coming back to Jehovah?

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  • ozziepost


    Thanks for the question. My mother has asked the same thing!

    The answer: nothing!

    Like others have said, I came to see that "the Troof" was nothing more than an elaborate lie.

    Also "the Organisation" has blasphemed by placing itself in the place of God.

    On a 'mechanical' note: why on earth would I want to go back to a KH where no-one would speak to me, I'd be expected to attend twice a week, with people who i have no interaction with? It just isn't normal! Well, it doesn't make sense!

    Here's a question for you: have you ever known a person DF for attending churches return to the JWs?

  • JamesThomas

    Welcome, LeftBehind.

    Is there any hope of you coming back to Jehovah?

    Look closely at your words and see that you have swallowed hook, line and sinker that Jehovah -- or in other words The True God -- is so small and limited that we can be separated from It.

    The reason I left the beliefs of the Jehovah's Witnesses, and all religions for that matter, is because I love God too much to continue belittling It. I came to sense in my heart that our Source and Sustainence is without beginning and without end, and that the only limits or boundaries to God our in our mind and it's ignorant and disparaging beliefs and foolish ideas.

    In order for you to ask your stated question, you would have to be so self righteously daring as to attempt to tell me where God begins and ends and infer that I am somehow outside of That. If I didn't know you had absolutely no clue to the extent your beliefs have blinded you, I would be offended.

    Glad you are still here; and hope you stay and we hear more from you.


  • Thegoodgirl

    I would never return to the truth. Did you ever see the movie with Jim Carey, (shoot I forget the name of it). But he lives in this perfect little world, and he is actually livnig on a TV show, and has been all his life, but doesn't know it. So everyone hides it from him, and one day, he starts to suspect. so he sails off into the "ocean" and finally sees this actual ladder against the "horizon", and realizes that the "sky" is just part of the TV set. He tears through the wall, and is free. (Please tell me you've see this movie, or I won't make any sense at all).

    So to me that's like the JWs. I KNOW it is all false. I would never go back because I am 100% sure that it is false, like a big fairy tale.

    A simpler illustration: Why would a kid go BACK to beleiving in Santa Claus, after he's already found out the real story after seeing his parents wrapping the presents? He KNOWS that he's been fooled. Now he's grown and KNOWS the real story.

    Got it? Am I making any sense to you? Good luck in understanding your brother.

  • dedpoet

    None whatsoever, I would rather have my teeth pulled without anaesthetic than go back to the lie, the pain would be less.

  • Sam the Man
    Sam the Man

    The poster who claimed that 'we didnt leave God, we left the Org' does not speak for all of us. In reality, I have left God. If you want to piss your life away in spite of WT failings, be my guest.

  • Ingenuous

    I never left Jehovah. And He never left me.

    I left a high-control religious group that even its founder, Charles Taze Russell, would have found horrifying - if his own writings are to be believed.

    I left because leaving was the only way I could give God what He deserves: pure worship from a joyful, willing heart and a clean conscience.

  • Nate Merit
    Nate Merit

    Why, YES THERE IS!

    Just as there is always hope that I might turn into a rocket-powered snowmobile, roaring off into space to open a snow-cone stand on the surface of the sun!


  • jeanniebeanz

    Are you not equating an organization with God Himself by saying that your brother 'left Jehovah'? Has your brother left one or the other, or both? What does he say?

    Do you believe that God ever works through individuals or exclusively an organization?

    I think you need to clarify the difference in leaving God and leaving the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society.


  • Jez

    I left because my husband abused me for 14 years, when he was charged, arrested, and convicted, he got publically reproved....when I remarried, I got disfellowshipped. Does that seem like something Jesus would do? Is that showing love, as the identifying mark of the true religion???

    some how that Satan was able to get to him when he was vulenerable

    Would you ever consider the possibility that Satan has YOU, maybe God led your brother out and is trying to lead you out as well by bringing you to this site? Doesn't it scare you about the possibility of the Watchtower being a wolf in sheeps clothing, or a false prophet, or everything they say other religions are?

    Look into it yourself, empower yourself with knowledge that is not just one sided.


  • Axelspeed

    There is nothing that would get me back at this point. I know this sounds strange to a JW, because at this point you cannot imagine how a person could say that.

    A family member went apostate and has turned his back on Jehovah

    By this statement you have made the assumption that when a person leaves the organization, he has left Jehovah. Can you separate the two? Or realize that the Organization does not = Jehovah.

    Secondly, the only thing many here have done is what you and other JWs ask other people to do every time you go door to door. And what is that? EXAMINE THEIR RELIGION.

    I can’t be sure but since your family are all JWs, you sound like a person who may have been raised in. Have you ever examined your own religion? Have you ever been allowed to examine your own religion? You have limited knowledge of other religious groups through the eyes of the WT and your JW background, but have you ever read anything concerning JWs or other religions through anything but the WT?

    Other questions, do you really believe your brother prefers and enjoys the relationship he has with his family now? If he is going through this much of an effort, is it possible that he learned some things that his conscience and personal integrity would not allow him to accept anymore? If it is that important, and you do have the Truth which should stand up to anything, can you at least hear him out?

    I was raised in myself, but intellectual integrity would not allow me to accept any longer what I knew to be false. That is not truth.


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