What are the first things you notice when you enter a JW home?

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  • JH

    Often you'll notice a JW telephone list of all the brothers and sisters on the counter next to the phone.

  • blondie

    Actually most of the JWs I knew never played the "Kingdom" melodies and WTs and Awakes were usually still in pristine shape in their bookbags. Most of them were trying to hunt up the study copy on Saturday night or Sunday morning.

  • Super_Becka

    Hmm, I spent a couple of days at my JW boyfriend's parents' home this past summer, and try as I might to notice anything out of the ordinary about their home, I saw nothing but a regular house, nothing out of the ordinary at all.

    Big-screen projection TV (we're talking probably around 51-inches, HUGE television!!), satellite receiver and a million channels, home theatre system, huge DVD collection (and we're not talking about all family-friendly stuff, either, lots of action movies and the like), several video game consoles (Nintendo, Playstation), a couple of computers, expensive furniture (leather couches!!), hardwood flooring, three bedrooms but FOUR bathrooms, huge, well-equiped kitchen, sun room, big patio out back, hot tub, fancy garden, everything that screams "WEALTHY WORLDLY FAMILY!!".

    I was really expecting something more modest and religious, but I didn't see even a single copy of a Watchtower or Awake! magazine. Of course, it's also true that this family is "luke-warm in the Truth " and tend to pick and choose which parts of the WTS doctrine they like to follow and which parts they like to ignore. Like, they ignore the whole "no sex before marriage" and "no self-defence classes" orders, but they're staunchly opposed to celebrating any and all holidays.

    That was about the only thing that would've cued me to the fact that this family wasn't mainstream Christian if I hadn't already known - I saw lots of family pictures, in albums and frames around the house, but there were, obviously, no pictures from holidays or birthday parties or anything like that, just pictures from when the family was building their last few houses or when my boyfriend's sister, who lives far away from the rest of the family, comes to visit. No special occasions, no nothing, and that would be the only thing that I found odd about the household. There wasn't even any awkward conversation, just no holiday/birthday photos. Heh, my boyfriend's mother even asked me about my birthday and nobody flinched when I mentioned Christmas.

    Not at all what I expected from a JW family home.

    -Becka :)

  • mrsjones5

    my parents have a well stocked bar too, hidden in the dining room

  • eby

    One family had framed 8x10 pictures of Fred Franz and J F. Rutherford on the living room piano.


  • cyberdyne systems 101
    cyberdyne systems 101

    One thing I noticed about my dealings with and being a dub, was that other religeons seemed to be proud of their faith and would talk about going to church in a very open and matter of fact way, but a lot of the witnesses including my wife and family would make sure there was no 'theocratic' evidence to be found when a 'worldly' would come round - strange eh?

  • limbogirl

    sitting here on a rainy Thurs morning listening to some Christmas tunes and thanking God that I'm a WORLDLY person! :)

    had to respond to this thread...

    couple of years ago I was in the market for a photographer. at one studio while flipping through the portfolio I ran across wedding photos of a JW couple. how did I know? they were photographed at home in front of a bookcase filled with those tacky, ugly jw books. remember all of those whacky colors? hot pink, teal, mustard yellow and so forth? anyway, the bookcase in the photo was filled with multiple copies of these hideous books...looked like some freaky library owned by Willie Wonka. I burst out laughing which didn't sit well with the photographer and I couldn't really explain why I found the picture funny.

    other things you'll typically see in a jw home....on the kitchen or dining room table a copy of the daily text booklet. lying about in the living room copies of the annual text book which should be called the annual persecution report.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    CDs of the Kingdom Medolies by the sound system.


  • bagpuss

    How often they talk about feeling ill

  • Lilycurly

    Hihi! Honestly!!Framed pictures of Rutherford and Franz!Wow! I should try this one to see what my dad would say.lol

    I remember a few JW houses had a filled out copy of the pionnner/do more service program they get when it's memorial time. I used to feel pity for the poor kids who had regular bible studies and a family one scheduled every damn week, plus lots of going out in service.

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