What are the first things you notice when you enter a JW home?

by JH 42 Replies latest jw friends

  • JH

    A) You'll find no ash trays

    B) No lottery tickets laying on the counter

    C) A JW calendar in sight for everyone to see



  • M.J.

    During THIS month, no x-mas decorations.

    WT pubs in the shelves or around coffee table.

  • daystar

    Subtle pervasive tension in the air.

  • JH

    Kingdom melodies playing in the background Yuck

  • luna2

    Crappy Watchtowers and Awakes lying on the coffee table.

  • stillajwexelder

    No Christmas Tree or decorations

  • Jourles

    You would find 'fruitage of the spirit' magnets and other theocratic magnet frames on our fridge. And if you go downstairs, you would happen to see some 40-50's books and videotapes on the org.

  • Ellie

    Some JW homes don't have TVs.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    If you visited one of the elders in my old hall, the first thing you'd notice is his well - stocked drinks cabinet, apart from during co visits, when we used to have field service meetings there. The drinks seemed to disappear then, for some reason, and be replaced by watchtower and awake bound volumes.

  • undercover

    Depends...are we talking devout JW or fringe JW?

    Fringe JWs homes aren't much different than anybody else, except for holiday decorations. Even the WT publications aren't out in plain site.

    Now a devout JW, a true believer, their house is going to be interesting. Sometimes no television, or a small one in an out of the way place. No record/cd collection out in plain view. No VCR tapes/DVDs visible, except maybe some G-rated Disney type stuff. The main bookcase is full of bound volumes and all the other WT publications. Bibles will be laying around various places, some of them open. WT magazines on almost every coffee table and bedside table.

    I know this isn't true of every devout JW house but I can remember more than one house that I visited where I noticed that they hardly had any artwork on the walls. I don't mean expensive prints, just your average cheap framed print from Wal-Mart. I remember several homes being very stark and cold feeling. Even family photos are missing. But others were very warm and full of comfortable furniture and family photos everywhere.
    What's interesting is that those with cold feeling homes never had any problems in the congregation. They were always the epitome of JWness and were an example to the congregation. Those with warm, inviting homes, with big TVs, artwork, comfortable, lived in feeling, well, they sometimes had issues with elders or their kids were'nt always exemplary.
    Just an observation I had made over the years.

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