Time again for........ Congregation roll call

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  • Tatiana

    Just read the entire thread.........not a soul from any of my congs.

    Started out in a tiny KH on Screven St in Georgetown, SC. We only had about 11 members, and used a tiny space over an office building. Had to be around 1961 to '70. Then the black congregation (of which I never knew anything about ) on Prince St combined with ours. Isn't that a shame that all that time there was a black congregation not two miles away, and I had no idea there were any black witnesses????? Plus their KH was beautiful and had lots of heat!! Our KH sucked!

    Andrews, South Carolina

    A month in the Decatur, Georgia cong where I had a crush on a brother named Mickey.

    Georgetown, and then to Laurens, South Carolina '74 till '80 after marrying....

    after divorcing back to Georgetown, South Carolina, then back to Andrews until '94 when I was born.

    Where are you, Neptune Gaither???? Steve or Linda Lawhon-McDougall???? Richard Lawhon???

  • karen96

    Been a while since I posted, but since I am marking 11 years this month out of the borg:

    1986 - 1992: Trumbull, CT congregation

    1992-1996: Bridgeport East, CT congregation (w/ ex who pretty much abandoned me to serve where the need was greater)

    If anyone from the area wants to contact me, I'm open to talking!

  • mouthy

    Well all I can say is you Yanks are an apostate lot!!!!
    Dont see many Canucks & Limey's on here .......Are you all smarter than us. Or naughtier

  • alamb

    1968-1997 Utah (knew most everyone)

    November 20, 1997 woke up and walked out (after 3 hours on the internet!)

  • dinah

    I could be pinpointed if I posted my old congregation--very rural area.

    Did any of you guys ever attend DC's in Birmingham, Alabama or CA's in Bessemer?

  • gymbob

    1960-1974 Long Beach, CA

    1974-1976 Central Kentucky

    1976-1979 Brooklyn Bethel

    1979-1982 Northwestern North Carolina

    1982-1986 Glasgow, Kentucky

    1986-present Visalia, CA

    Pulled my head out of my butt 5 years ago and left the borg cold turkey, and I don't care who knows !! GYMBB

  • Thirdson

    to 1970 Birmingham-Highgate UK

    1970 Salisbury, South Australia

    1970-72 Elizabeth Vale, South Australia

    1972 Birmigham-Moseley, UK

    1973 Redditch, UK

    1974-88 Alcester, UK

    1988-95 Redditch, UK

    1995-96 Eden Prairie, MN

  • valkyrie


    You have a P.M.


  • Champion

    Farmingdale Long Island NY 1965-1985

  • Gringa

    1957 to 1974 - SW Denver, Colorado

    Left a year before graduation from High School and Armegeddon and never looked back.

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