Time again for........ Congregation roll call

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  • DJK

    Salem, Mass 1957-1961

    Middleton, Mass 1961- 1974

    In 74 I graduated high school and left the borg.

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie
    Escondido, California
    Did you ever know any Leonhard's in that area?

    No, Shelley. I only remember the Renterias and the Osotayos, couples that I was close to....good people.

    My parents started meetings in the Southgate cong. in Garland around 1974. Clark and Eva Sorrels were studying with them.

    I was one year old.

    I stopped attending meetings about the same time you did.

    Daystar, I remember the Sorrells' name. It seems there were two families of Sorrells, but I'm not sure. Wait! That wasn't the doctor, was it? If so, it was only one family and they had a little boy that looked just like the one in the Oscar Meyer Weiners commercial at the time. Also, they were a bit weird, fasting all the time.

  • Dagney

    Wow...this was fun to read.

    Birth - 2001 Various Los Angeles/Orange Co areas

    (Mysterious...I know, still chicken)

  • done4good

    Verona, NJ 1978-1994

    Raytown, MO 1994

    Back in Verona, 1995

    Left Verona, to Passaic West, NJ 1995-1998

    Millville, NJ 1998-2003

    Back to Passaic West after separation from now ex-wife- 2004-2005

    Moved to Millville Cong, started fade 2005

    Moved to Palmyra, NJ and disappeared 2006


  • M.J.

    Anyone remember a big disruption to the D-T-D work by ex-jws in Freemont, CA some time in the 80s?

  • Quentin

    Poly kh...1950's to 1972..Ft. Worth, Tx....

    Garland kh, married in that one in 1972...till sometime around '74..after getting married was becoming inactive...

    Beverly Hills kh in the Oak Cliff area...think that was where my pub card was...attended some meetings in the Oak Cliff kh...one of the largest in Dallas at the time...by the end of '74 had dropped off the radar...

  • uninformed

    Baptized in 1961 in Prescott, Arizona

    Avondale, AZ summer of 1964

    Albuquerque, New Mexico--South Valley 62-64

    Denver, Colorado, Cherry Creek 1965-66

    Federal Prisons: Mt. Lemon, Tucson, Arizona, La Tuna, Texas, briefly in El Reno Oklahoma, then 13 months in Springfield, MO 1966-68

    Conway, Jacksonville, Newport Arkansas 1968-70

    Aurora, MO 1971-1977

    Gladewater, TX 1977-1986

    Republic, MO 1986-1990

    Luling, TX 1990-199

    7Onion Creek Congo, Austin, TX 1997-1999

    Shawnee Kansas Congregation--2000-2005

    August 2005 attended my last meeting ever. Finally Free.

    What a horrible waste it was to spend 45 years under the direction of scam artists.


  • BrentR

    1964-1970 Bothell WA

    1970-1976 Fife WA

    1976- 1985 Edgewood/Milton WA

    1985 tunneled out and faded into freedom.

  • mouthy

    You know what I noticed your nearly ALL Americans
    Where are all the Canadian Apostates>>>>????Will they please stand up

  • JK666

    Hi all, NE Indiana, NW Ohio, anyone? Ya might know me!

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