Time again for........ Congregation roll call

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  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    Garland, Plano, White Rock, Lake Highlands, Richardson, (Dallas suburbs) 1973-1975

    Orange, Tx 1975-1979

    Beaumont South and North congs (TX) 1979-1988

    Escondido, CA (Ash Street, Iris Lane & Lake Hodges congs) 1988-1992

  • IP_SEC
    Should we pm or can you tell me a little more. I think I remember you, but I was getting beat up by elders from every angle at the time.

    I'll tell you anything. Im DA'd about 6 months and got nothing to hide. I didnt live in the area, I was visiting my family there. It'd probably have been summer 92?? Their last name and mine was Foster.

    I think we worked in svs together then you picked me up that eve and we went to a black family's house for food, games and wooo hooo watchtower pre study. LOL.

    It's funny because I do think of you from time to time wondering what happened to you. Matt

  • moreisbetter

    Hi Quentin,

    The name Titus does ring some bells, however I don't think I knew them personally. What comes to mind is that they were friends of my mother & aunt, especially my aunt. Both were also raised as Witnesses in Oak Cliff.


  • Quentin

    Frannie I was in the Garland congo about the same time. Here are some names, maybe they'll ring a bell. Vernon & Phillys, Vernon is my cousin, they moved to Washington state about 20 years ago. George & Edith, long time members. Benny & Rita. Benny was the congo servant under the old arragment.

    By the way I was married in that KH in 72. My last name is Roberts.

  • Quentin

    Theresa, glad to make your acquaintance...

    Knew a lot of Dallas JWs...a group of us out of Ft. Worth visited Dallas congos quite a bit in the late sixties and early seventies. Exclusively Duncanville, Garland and Pleasant Grove. Oak Cliff was the last KH I ever attented. That was about 1974. Sadly after thirty years names just don't come to mind. I knew three Ft.Worth J boys that married Dallas sisters. One was the Titus girl, Carol. Another sis from Duncanville was Barbra, but can't recall her last name. Seems we moved in the same circles.

  • wanderlustguy

    1973-1991 - Homer, LA

    1992 - Sarepta, LA

    1993 - Meadowview, Bossier City, LA

    Traveled to Irving, TX quite often

    1994 - West Monroe, LA

    1995 Tyler, TX

    1996 Longview, TX

    1997 Englewood, CO

    1998 Pinellas Park, FL

    Dec 1999, Marietta, GA

    2000 - Jan '05 thought I was dead meat

    Now...free and happy.

  • DannyHaszard

    Bridgewater Masachusetts Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses 1957 -1970 (my dad built the hall nearly singlehanded)

    Naples Florida (north shore & cypress congs) those halls had mega dysfunction 1970-1979

    My point of "know" return demented Rockland Massachusetts Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses 1980-1992 purge -Danny Haszard apostate with an attitude presently giving hell in Bangor Maine

  • moreisbetter

    Quentin, nice to meet you too, although we may already have! lol

    My aunt & uncle were in the Oak Cliff cong from 1971 or '72 until at least '75, while I was in the neighboring Beverly Hills cong.

    Carol Titus was the name I was thinking of; she was a close friend of my aunt. Small world!

  • Quentin
    Quentin, nice to meet you too, although we may already have! lol

    We may very well have, at the very least we knew some of the same people.. I was fading at the time... Beverly Hills cong was where my pub card was located when we moved from Garland to Oak Cliff.

  • Insomniac

    OK, thoughts are fuzzy and dates are hazy, and my fam moved around a lot, but here's what I can recall:

    1980, Deer, Arkansas. That's near Harrison(?) I think.

    1980, Norfolk, Virginia. My whole family studied with this unusual brother whose mother believed she was of the anointed, and he later went apostate from what I heard. He was a sherrif's deputy, first name Bob.

    1981, Hertford, North Carolina. In the middle of a fricking swamp, and the locals still liked to burn crosses on the k-hall's lawn from time to time. The P.O.'s name was Walker.

    1981 or 82, near Washington Courthouse, Ohio. Try as I might, I can only remember isolated moments of the time I spent there, almost nothing about the congregation itself.

    1982, Bastrop, Texas, near Austin.

    1982, Smithville, Texas, also near Austin. Ever watch King of the Hill? I believe it was based on Smithville.

    1983, Austin, Texas. Several congs, but mostly Riverside. Some of the coolest people on the planet attended this hall. The only cong that ever felt like home to me.

    1986 (one year, then back to Texas) Newcastle cong in Newcastle, Maine. A really cool elder and his wife were there; they later left to become crazed, demonized apostates; that was nice to hear.

    1993-2000ish, Bath cong in Brunswick, Maine. Very spotty attendance due to poor health and general disgust with a cult I no longer believed in. Unfortunately, this cong has some of my family members and friends still in it, so it was hard to make a clean break. But the majority of that congregation can kiss my butt.

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