People who are mad at jw's. Should be mad at the bible?

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  • kristyann

    I agree... don't be mad at the Bible. Jehovah's Witnesses don't even use a real translation of the Bible. They have messed up so much from there, changed so many things to make it suit their purposes... whether you consider it the Word of God, or not, they changed what the original Scriptures said in so many ways... so you're right, whoever said it up there, Jehovah's Witnesses don't have much to do with the Bible at all...

  • kid-A

    There is no logic in being angry at a book written by humans. The book in and of itself is blameless, just as there is no point being angry at the Koran or Torah or any other so-called "holy" book that is twisted and distorted by selfish, arrogant humans to promote their own evil agendas to control and manipulate their fellow man.

    The bible as we know it is really 2 books, artificially put together. The old testament is really just a collection of ancient myth and parable describing the history of a group of barbarians known as the "israelites" and the second book describes an interesting philosopher whose words and teachings were then distorted by his disciples.

  • DannyHaszard

    Why Disfellowshipped Persons Often Defend the Watchtower

    Google this-Watchtower adventist cult spin-off of the William Miller movement.

  • DannyHaszard

    I was a hysterical mess for up to five years post exit and i stll thought the Watchtower was the truth and i somehow got a bum rap (i was being tested).

    Now i know that this hysteria has a name it's called stockholm syndrome

    Now i know that the Watchtower is rotten to the core.Jehovah's Witnesses are mean and malicious (James 3:16) because people usually imitate the god that they worship (satan)(Matthew 7:15)

  • What_is_ur_point

    hi danny.. i posted that last night after i was talking with a few people who were begging me to repent.

    i also know reading it today i feel different. somehow. by talking with people who are not involed inside the organization i see life split. i cant understand how bad things happen to good people. but although bad things happen we cant allow these bad thoughts to rub off on us. Ive been disfellowshipped 2 times now. and the second time here is alot different then the first. im getting older. and questioning mortality. I also had seen a few posts on other sites about headlines like "jehovah's witness killed my baby"

    well i was a jehovahs wintess before and i didn't kill no persons baby. although the organization is run by men. You can understand then the stages of faith. there's almost like a with drawl where you wanna vomit. and you spit and you boil to the point where it's beyond reasoning. I take in consideration of the pain we all feel.. being adam's children. God loved the world so much he gave his one begotten son. there are requirements for us. And I know that deep down inside although raise a jw. my father is not a witness.

    he see's it for what it's worth. he's been worldly all his life. he knows whats out there.

    but ill tell you this. not all jehovahs witness are fundamental.. not all muslims blow themselves up.

    and even if i get time. i will never put someone else down. the reason why i feel this way is because you can see being disfellowshipped 2 times already the organization right or wrong think i have a different frame of thinking. maybe it's good to think the way i do. jesus sat with sinners and talked to sinners and healed sinners. he died for everyone.

    if we willfully commit sin there's no sacrifice left.. thats a statement in the bible.. granted the dead sea scrolls were put together by catholic scholars. most will be confused.. send me a message maybe i can help you feel some refreshment..

    take care of yourself im going to work...ttyl....oxox

  • candidlynuts

    after a lifetime of being a jw...after i stopped attending i was angry, bitter, and cynical about/ at God, the bible, christians, belief, marriage, about ANYTHING for a long time.. just had to work thru it..

    now i know that my reasons for distrusting the watchtower bible society are seperate from God and what he wants from mankind whatever that is. and i just take comfort in the fact that God knows my heart even if i dont and hope that he has a lot more understanding about me than i have about him.

  • jgnat

    What would you do if someone took a REALLY BIG bible and hit you over the head with it? Would you be mad at the bible or the person carrying it?

    I know children who duck when an adult picks up a wooden spoon. You know what their parents have been doing with the wooden spoon! I've seen the same reaction from former JW's when I bring out the bible. Why do they have such a strong reaction? Is it perhaps because the spoon and the bible were used as an instrument of punishment rather than healing?

    Before you work through your reinstatement sweetie, I suggest you read the book of John all by itself. See if it is a book of rules, or if it is something else.

  • rebel8

    The bible is a book, comprised of ink and paper. Why would I be mad at an inanimate object? I'm mad at the crazy people of many religions that use it to hurt, control, and manipulate others. The bible has been used by control freaks as a weapon for thousands of years.

  • tetrapod.sapien

    hey another albertan! welcome! :)

    Love your neighbour as yourself.

    and love jehovah god with your whole heart and mind..

    i disagree with both of these.

    i think the first one is impossible. as an observant ape, i speak from 28 years of experience. you might be able to strive for it, but you'll never get there.

    the second one is a non-starter, since jehovah is a myth through and through. but as far as make-believe is concerned, i love the flying spagetti monster way more than i'll ever love jehovah or jesus. how could any one love jehovah, when he is father of the lie? satan for his part, said some pretty cool things.

    take care,


  • Honesty
    and even if i get time.

    Please completely research the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society and compare their teachings with what Christ taught before you beg the elders to let you back in an organisation that is responsible for a lot of things like:

    The WT leaders have told Jehovah's Witnesses in the past that certain blood-based preparations and procedures were forbidden. (e.g. Serum albumin & gamma globulin)
    These leaders also told Jehovah's Witnesses that if they permitted the administration of these preparations to their child, the child would not be resurrected in the New Order. Parents believed them and children died.This position was subsequently reversed. Today no one thinks twice about accepting these preparations. Human albumin for example is used in many common child-hood vaccinations.The leaders of Jehovah's Witnesses lie about this today by claiming that their position has been consistent. How would you describe using a parent's religious beliefs to manipulate them into causing the death of their own child as anything but one of the most obscenely evil things one human being can do to another?

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