People who are mad at jw's. Should be mad at the bible?

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    As others have stated on this post, the bible in nothing other than myths, historical accounts, poems and such. I am reading up on the Sumerians which are thought to be the first advanced civilization, they existed about 5000 years ago, they are credited with inventing many things that we use today, like the potter's wheel, the wagon wheel, the plow, the sailboat, the arch, the vault, the dome, casting in copper and bronze, riveting brazing and soldering, among others.

    They originated a sstem of writing on clay, which was borrowed and used all over the Near East for about two thousand years. They also had a system of laws that protected the individuals, schools, an advanced irrigation system. They also had many gods, and myths some of which are very similar to some of the bible teachingings. What is very interesting also, is that Abraham came from the land of Ur which was in Sumer, he was exposed to all the beliefs and myths of the sumerians, and I believe that alot of what we have in the bible was borrowed from other civilizations. Anyone that believes that the bible is gods word should research and see what other peoples of those times believed and they will see many similarities.


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    I love you.

    My favourite scripture is this

    Ex 32:14

    [quote] And Jehovah began to feel regret over the evil he had spoken of doing to his people[/quote] NWT

    So, if it weren't for Moses then Jehovah would have 'exterminated' the lot of them. As it was because Moses, a mere mortal, reasoned with Jehovah, only about 3 thousand of them were slaughtered.

    I stumbled across that scripture while I was pondering why God would kill (3 thousand) over the Golden Calf fiasco, and yet, then tells them to look at a Copper Snake later on. Go figure.

    I'm not mad a JW's. I'm not mad at the bible. I suppose I am mad at God. Why is it that Moses could reason with him, but I am not afforded the same luxury? What if I could reason with God and make him regret the evil of annihalating the whole world (for example).

    And then I suppose I am mad at people who blindly follow the bible, while the scriptures are right there (as quoted) which are vile and sickening.

    Actually, take out the word 'mad', because that makes me sound bitter and nasty, and that's NOT how I feel. I just feel sad and sickened.

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