Have you done your family tree?????

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  • GentlyFeral

    Sort of. I was able to trace my maternal grandfather's family back to about 1850 - but can't get anything on my father's side at all. He and my mother split up when I was two - and I can't even get hold of his death certificate. I sent away for it and the state where he died didn't have it!


  • Quentin
    I wonder where i could look on the internet for australia sites?????...Es

    Do a google of "geneology"...a number of sites will pop up you can go to...

  • Jeffro

    I did a quick search and was surprised to find that my maternal grandparents are listed on a LDS genealogy site, (but not their parents or children), and the site indicates that their details were "submitted after 1991 by a member of the LDS Church". (Based on the information listed, at least some must have been submitted after 2002.) But I don't know of any relatives who are mormons. Who would have submitted it if not a relative??

  • Leolaia

    My aunt traced our geneology back to 1600s Portugal. My maternal line goes back to early 1700s Norway.

  • Country_Woman

    One of my nephew's did a lot of investigations and went back to 1505 at that time the big church in Maassluis has been burned down - no further trails.

    We don't had any famous person in the family.

    The picture starts with my grandparents, then my parents and all of my brothers and sister with their children...no place for more yet.....

  • jgnat

    Don't the Mormons believe (white) Americans are a lost tribe of Isreal? I thought some of this tracking back is an attempt to confirm that they are Isrealites, however far back that might be.

  • MerryMagdalene

    Exploring genealogy can really make history come alive. That is why I have been working on tracing my daughter's bloodlines...when she is old enough to start learning about historical events, I hope to make it more personal and interesting for her I love hearing about other people's histories too

    If my research is correct (and a good deal of it is certainly suspect), then we are descended, variously, from Lady Godiva, who set a new standard for riding "bare-back", and all for a good cause (c.1040-1080)... a well-known pioneer woman in Missouri--Hannah Cole, who had a train engine named for her(c.1800)... Edward Bruce, High King of Ireland briefly and brother of the more famous Robert the Bruce (c.1350)... the "god" Frey, King of Upsalla (c.225)... King Eystein "the Fart"keepin' it real(c.750)...Woden...King Alfred "the Great" who left us our family legacy of "when it's smokin' it's cookin', when it's black it's done" (c.850)... and a whole big bunch of cool catscreepsand assorted other...

    On her dad's side, rumour has it that my daughter is descended from Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hickock, but I have not been able to either confirm or deny.


  • Princess
    Mozz's aunt was all excited about doing their family tree. She was convinced they had important people in their lineage. The more she researched, the more she was disappointed. Much of his family were nothing but a bunch of horse thieves and criminals back several hundred years ago.

    Steve had a customer a while back who was wealthy and had an original Maxfield Parrish in her home. As he was admiring it he commented that Parrish was a distant cousin of mine (he was given his mother's maiden name Maxfield, same as my mom's maiden name) and the woman was offended because her name was Parrish and she also was a relative. I guess it was just too horrifying to realize you were distantly related to your plumber's wife. Steve just smiled and said, "you don't have to go back more than three generations in any family to find prostitutes and horse thieves. Likeable people, all of them."

    Apparently she about had a stroke but since he was done, he left grinning. Loves to put those rich old biddies in their place.

  • lonelysheep

    I've researched the family tree on my mother's side. There were no famous people, and I looked as far back as the late 1890's. All of them came from Germany. The large majority of the decendants live in Wisconsin, and a few of us are in PA/NJ/NY areas.

  • BrendaCloutier

    My aunt, Lovilla Mounce, was the family historian and did a great deal of geneological research pre-computer!

    I found the connection online for my birth name all the way back to Thomas Person (Pearson) who bought a tract of land in the new Pennsylvania from Wm. Penn whilst in London. He also came over with Penn's first sailing. 1682(?)

    If I could find that connection again, I could claim rights to the Welcome Society (sort of like Daughters of the Revolution, etc). Whoppee.

    My Gr. Grandfather Clarence Pearson was the last practicing Quaker in my lineage, his father Ezra Pearson being a pastor/minister who moved from the East Coast to where the need was for a preacher in Greenleaf Idaho. I've seen his headstone.

    On my mother's mother's side, we trace back to the Henry Wood family (english), one of the three first white families to settle in the Ozarks. The other two family names are Johnson, and Wm. Clinton. President Bill's adoptive parents ancestors.

    Other maternal names are Beck (german) Bass (german) Cover (german/swedish)

    Unfortunately, no one knows who my sperm doner was. My birthmother took that information to the grave with her.

    Interestingly, my Aunt Lovila (Beelah) who was born and raised in Portland, Oregon, fell in love at 16 and married and moved to Springdale area Arkansas, Ozarks. Less than 75 miles from the original Woods family homestead.

    This is so very special to me because I was adopted!

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