Have you done your family tree?????

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  • BrendaCloutier
    Don't the Mormons believe (white) Americans are a lost tribe of Isreal

    No jgnat, they beleive the Native Americans are an additional tribe of isrealites. After jesus was resurrected, he came to the americas and had 12 more deciples. yadda yadda yadda. Very weird.

  • Es

    Wow MaryMagdeline thats amazing, soon as i heard Robert the Bruce i thought of Braveheart, and Calamity jane wow thats awesome


  • BrendaCloutier

    Wild Bill Hickock
    Kewl, Merry! My sister-in-law's great aunt was named Hickock, and was his gr. granddaughter, never married. She taught me how to play the piano. I must say that all I can play now is chopsticks...

  • JW83

    I've been meaning to do a family history for ages

    My mum's cousin in an amateur historian in Scotland & he has traced some of my mum's family - apparently we are distantly related to Mark Twain (Samuel L Clemens) - my mum's maiden name is Clemens. How excitement!

    When we go back to England I will definitely have more of a go! Unfortunately my husband's family all come from Ukraine/Russia & I don't think their records are so good!


  • Mulan
    Steve had a customer a while back who was wealthy and had an original Maxfield Parrish in her home. As he was admiring it he commented that Parrish was a distant cousin of mine

    I forgot about him. Once when I was out in the service, in my past life, I went to a house where there was a book on the porch of Maxfield Parrish art, in a box for a charity pickup. I told the householder that Maxfield was my maiden name, and she said hers was too. We spent about 20 minutes trying to find a connection. She was from the area in this State where my great grandfather and his brother homesteaded in the 1880's, so we knew we were related. I didn't know enough names back then to make the connection and she didn't either. Now I could do it.

    I agree with what Steve said about horsethieves and prostitutes. It's exciting to find famous people in your genealogy, but when it's someone like Benedict Arnold (in mine), the gloss leaves.

    Mainly I have found lots of militant religious people, some pretty well known too, and that isn't something I'm proud of. One of them is a man named "The Divine" Jonathan Edwards. He was a real fire and brimstone preacher and one of the first presidents of Princeton University. When I found his name I looked him up on the internet, and was a bit sick when I read about him. Bad man, bad man. (the internet articles praise him for his advanced philosphies, but I was not impressed.............of course I hate religion)

  • Mulan
    On her dad's side, rumour has it that my daughter is descended from Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hickock, but I have not been able to either confirm or deny.

    I knew a JW family named Hickock and they explained that they do connect to Wild Bill, but his brother is their ancestor (not that far back actually). Wild Bill only had a daughter (as stated above) so his line doesn't have the Hickock name.

    I traced our family back to Richard the Lionhearted too, but our line is from his demented brother, John. Wouldn't you know?

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