Have you done your family tree?????

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  • Es

    My folks have had one lying round for years so now that im more mature and older i have taken and using a program to put it on the computer. I have spent all day on it and prob no where near finished. I have so much more research to do it. The guy who did ours did a very basic one. But anyway we are related to the infamous Australian bushranger Ned Kelly. I had so much fun doing that part of the family it was an amazing read.

    Have any of you got famous people in your family tree?


  • under74

    my mom's been trying to do that for years but there are a couple people who seemed to have a name change after immigrating to the US. No famous people that I know of...my great-grandfather (who worked a chuck wagon in the early 1900s) always swore he served food to the cowboy Nat Love....but he told a lot of stories.

  • Ellie

    I've not done a family tree, no, I wouldn't know where to begin, I know that one of my ancestors was hung for murder, she killed a priest, and I'm related to Willy Rusell, ok, you've probably never heared of him, he wrote The Graduate and Shirly Valentine, hes my second or third cousin or something.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    I was given a lot of research many years ago and have managed to expand on it quite a bit.

    I have visited some of the old stomping grounds of my ancestors. One site goes back nearly a thousand years, being there was a very spiritual experience for me. The views from the old fort were awesome, marred since by the Eden Project I imagine.

    I have some really nasty types in my ancestry. I am sure you have heard of many of them.

    Some of them appear in my ancestry so many times it's a wonder I don't look like them.

    I had a photo taken of me and my son in front of the oldest restaurant in existance and found out later, when going through archives, that that town was where my great great grandfather would have been courting his wife. That was pretty cool.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    ...and seeing as you are an Ozzy, Es, one of the ancestors I am trying to trace is an Ozzie Horse Trader/Captain that went missing at sea.

  • LittleToe

    All the way back to the early 1700's.

    I found out that one of THAT ancestor's descendants (hence some form of cousin) was our island's most notorious murderer!

    There's a story that the earliest descendant of my mother to set foot on the island was from near Edinburgh (likely fleeing for his life from the English, at that time) and hadn't a word of Gaelic. He married a bonnie lassie who hadn't a word of English (or more appropriately Auld Scots, which is almost a language in it's own right, like American English ). It must have been a marrriage made in heaven LOL

  • luna2

    That would be a fun project to put together. Maybe I should get my sister interested.

    I know my paternal grandmother wrote away to some stupid company and got some sort of bogus family history (complete with crest...please, what a joke), but I'd like to do a real one.

    Supposedly both sides of the family have been kicking around the "colonies" for a very, very long time. There was supposedly an ancestor that came over with Champlain on my mother's side and ancestors that fought in the Revolutionary War on my father's side.

    I don't think there was anybody famous in our family tree, but it would be interesting to us at least. LOL

  • Es

    Its such a facinating journey. I live bout 40 mins from one of the Kelly's (ned) home so im going up there soon with the Camera to take pics. Im really hooked now


  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Visiting homes of your ancestors can be really uplifing, Es.

    An aunt of mine found a house in Scotland after much searching. It had had a facelift anf no longer matched the photo she had, but she showed the photo to the locals and someone recognised it. The owners invited them in and were really friendly.

    The old fort I visited was was owned by my, goodness knows how many greats, grandaddy, Pagan

  • Balsam

    I'm working on a Genealogy for my family. My great Grandfather was in Nome, Alaska as a carpenter during the gold rush there in 1900 he even left us a diary. It has been awesome reading it. I've traced some of my family back to 1700 here in the USA. Have discovered we mostly are from England and Ireland. Has been very interesting and exciting. I can spend many hours a day searching and reading.

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