Should I ask to be taken out of the school?

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  • lola28

    I think it is time to get of the TMS schedule, I haven't given a talk in over a year and don't want to be on the list any more. Do you think the elders would get on my case if I did this? Is it a wise choice?

    For those that have done this what has been your experince.


  • blondie

    Over a year, eh?

    I have suggested that people cancel at the last minute on their parts. Many school overseers will drop you from the school themselves.

    I knew of a congregation where only one elder's wife was in the school out of six. If you don't want the chance of being scheduled, just ask. If you aren't being scheduled anyway, just wait till you are and not show up that night.


  • lola28

    Hey Blondie they are putting me on as a householder, earlier this week I cancelled on a sister but i have seen my name on posted as both the one giving the talk and as a house holder.

    By the way I just wanted to let you know that I always look out to see if you have posted, I think you are very wise and i thank you for all the wonderful post you have made.


  • jgnat

    Ingenious, Blondie!

  • jwfacts

    My wife came off the school saying she got too nervous to give talks, which was true. Some similar non-offensive excuse may work without getting too much attention.

  • free2beme

    You know, your message got me to thinking. Today I had to give a presentation of training that was thrown on me with less then 5 minutes to spare. I gave a one hour presentation, with introduction, points covered and conclusion that made perfect sense and got everyone at the end saying, "thank you so much for your hard work" and "that was wonderful!" You know something, I give full credit for that to the TMS, as it trained me to do that sort of thing to an art after so many years. So I appreciate that, and although I know you might be best to exit now, if you know longer believe. Remember to take the skills with you, their wonderful!

  • rebel8

    Can't you just wait until you get a talk and then say you can't do it? I mean, if you're trying to avoid being DAd...that might work.

    LOL, even after I told the elders I would have nothing to do with JWs ever again, they kept sending me talks to do for about a year. They'd give the slips to my mom to give to me. I laughed every time and asked her if she realized this was an attempt to manipulate me back into the religion.

  • PaulJ

    Fake tourettes syndrome. One more talk is all you need do.....

  • carla

    Why don't you ask to do the talk and then talk about the UN, Silentlambs, Randcam stock and the value of C of C book. Seems it would be an hour better spent. Much more infomative. But then that would probalby ruin your whole life. Wonder what would happen if someone actually tried that?

  • NeonMadman

    I don't think it would be a big deal in most congregations if you asked to be taken off the TMS "for a while" due to personal stress, family problems, whatever. You could just say that preparing and giving talks causes you more stress than you could handle right now, or something like that. And you'll let them know when you feel ready to take part again. They probably wouldn't ask too many questions in most congs (unless, of course, you are already gaining a reputation as a potential apostate).

    For years, I wrote my ex-wife's talks. She wouldn't even participate in the preparation, just tell me when she had a talk and expect to be handed a manuscript. When I told her that she needed to be involved, that I would help her but would no longer simply write the talks for her, she dropped out of the TMS. I have no idea what excuse she used, but at the time of our separation (five years ago today, now that I think of it), she had not rejoined. Whether she has done so since then, I don't know (or care).

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