Describe the WILDEST JW party you ever attended!! no seriously......

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  • lawrence

    I once married a couple (former Bible Studies) at a JW Hall, then we went to the American Legion Hall, where all hell broke loose. The JC was busy for a few weeks. The groom fell a few times, once over a table, the bride was caught smooching with an old boyfriend, a sister got loaded and started the belly dancing, and a few brothers were caught out back with the Mary Jane. I was too straight to enjoy myself, what a shame! What a friggin bash! Oh yeah, no one should have driven that night aside from myself. And... my wonderful witness wife played Jezebel that night for the entire congregation - what a drunken exhibit she put on.

  • Virgogirl

    Some of our congregation's wild youth events included pop and pizza, and then Bible charades after. A really big deal was chaparoned roller skating.If nobody was watching, teens tried to brush up against each other, wow!

  • pratt1

    There was a huge party in NYC at a disco called "bentleys".

    It was very wild loud and late with drinks overflowing.

    Many of us got in trouble over this and at our next DC large parties were strictly banned.

    I'll omit the details of the party to protect the guilty.

  • jwfacts

    When i was at bethel i went to a party that i had to give 'evidence' about later. There was some pretty hot dancing and people smoking, and later a few took off and had S E X. I missed out on the seeing the last bit though.
    I also heard about a group of JW's that were d'd for throwing 'The Cure' parties in the 1980's, drugs, makeup and all.

  • gladdy

    hey, Legolas, it must have taken a couple of days to recover from that party! But just think of all the partys ahead of you... and we will help you celebrate ANYTHING! Party on dudes !!!!!!

  • doofdaddy

    This thread dredged up a memory from the misty past. It was a circuit ass. just before I was to be baptised. Saturday night we all had a few drinks and decided on a swim. One young sister had no bathers, so decided to swim in her underwear......which of course was completely see thru. She would have been about sixteen and knew exactly what she was doing.

    Alas, an elder who wasn't getting any at home, decided that this was an opportunity too good to miss and had his hand down her pants in about 10 secs flat!

    Needless to say, this gave his wife an excuse to divorce him.

    The girl eventually married a friend of mine(yeah she was hot) and they now live in middle class jw land

    Certainly been to much wilder parties but as a jw? Nah

  • FlyingHighNow
    And... my wonderful witness wife played Jezebel that night for the entire congregation - what a drunken exhibit she put on.

    Was she belly dancing?

    When I first moved to Houston, a very nice couple asked me over to their home after a wedding shower. She was already pretty smashed before we left the shower, she had slipped some alcohol into her punch. We ended up going to an elder's house, as others were meeting there. The nice and very drunk sister did a performance of Gilda Radner/Little Roseanne Rosannadanna in which every other word was a cuss word and most of them started with F. Then they got some spices out of the cabinet and joked that they were pot. I was very pregnant and I had a very handsome drunk brother hit on me. They all drank to drunkeness and were loudly disappointed that I was uninterested in drinking with them.

    I know it's not as wild as Lawrence's story, but it was very shocking to me at the time. I was 20 and I really believed most jws were very pure. I had only been exposed to them for parts of three years at that point. I must say that, that congo was the most soulful congo I attended. There was always someone getting in trouble it seemed, for natural, human things. It was a 90% black congregation that met in a hall on Trafalgar off S. Post Oak.

  • What_is_ur_point

    Tonns of ALcohol 2, 750ml bottles of Tequila split between 6 jw's...

  • TheresMoreToCome

    I hate you Toronto bitches. Man, my whole life, I've wanted to just smoke pot and chill. Or drink and get naked in a hot tub...and as to date, it hasn't happened. I've done stuff here and there but I've never partied, partied and I'm not a Jdub anymore. The reason for that is I'm still trying to adjust to not being a dub, trying to meet new people, etc., but am having somewhat of a hard time not attending school, and working at a place with people much older than I. If only I could have been in a rebel congregation. My best friend was a "rebel" when we were real young, and I know she would have smoked pot with me if we had stayed friends, but I was warped then and wanted to be good, and we ended up fighting a lot, and then finally discontinuing our relationship.

  • chrissee

    I remember telling my mother that I was going down to the Jersey Shore to visit a congregation down there and would be spending the nite at my two JW friends house on the Saturday night. Well it turned out my two JW friends had other plans. We ended up in a little farmhouse, which incidently was right behind the kingdom hall, and they had worldly friends that supplied us with beer. We drank til the liquor ran out and then someone brought more and we ended up sleeping there and watched the cars pull in to the KH the next morning!!

    Those were the days...

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