Describe the WILDEST JW party you ever attended!! no seriously......

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  • knot4me

    I went to a JW get-to-gether that had Elders,MS,Pioneers and teenagers. I was underage at the time but I remember having drinking contests where you put a shot glass of soki on two chop sticks over a glass of beer, count to 3 pound the table so the shot glass drops in the glass and guzzle it down. I actually one the contest between a few MS, and elders. The adults were inside getting smashed and the teenagers were in the yard getting stoned. It was a great time.

  • just fine
    just fine

    Too many to mention. But you Canadians sure do know how to throw a party!!! Most invloving enormous quantities of alcohol and boys. The trick was to all meet far enough away from home to get away with it.

  • Legolas

    OK are you ready for this????????

    First we were all seated then.............................................The Aloette lady brought out her stuff... phew.... I could hardly contain myself!

    Then we had coffee and went home!

  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    sadly i wasnt there at said Party..but we had a local needs in the London area about 10 years ago concerning Parties..particularly fancy dress.

    anyhow ,turns out most were trashed at this particular one and the costumes were quite revealing..leading to all kinds of sex,drugs and rock n roll.The winner tho had to be the Bro who apparently turned up dressed totally in cling film!!I wasnt the only one who almost pissed themselves when this was said from the platform!Ive still never met anyone who can verify that story tho.Could well have been an urban legend for all i know.

    Anybody confirm?

  • Finally-Free


    Why wasn't I invited!!!

    I heard about these ski trips after the fact, but I never heard they were that good!

    I was rarely invited to anything other than congregation get togethers. The wildest things that happened there was the singing of bloody kingdumb songs!


  • DanTheMan

    I never got invited to those parties...I was Brother Stumbled-A-Lot so people knew better....ha

  • avishai

    Lot's of different events. But the most surprising thing I remember now is that a TON of the Oregon JW kids, even the ones in "good standing" were real potheads. I totally forgot about that.

  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    Thanks for the pm Avi

  • arwen

    Legolas: I never got invited to the Alloute party??? One party I went too was overnight mom and daughter party where the moms all drank and the kids put on the entertainment. We then turned out all the lights and played hide and go seek in the dark..

  • JH

    I never ever went to a JW party, knowing I'd be deceived, listening to Kingdom melodies while people exchanged bible conversations.

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