Three years ago today, Mozz and I got married!

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  • Billygoat
    5 years ago today, my husband and I also tied the knot!! Went to our wedding ceremony in a NYC yellow cab!! It was so much fun!

    How fun! Happy Anniversary to you too Soledad! October 5th is such a great day isn't it?

  • mrsjones5

    I think the 5th day of every month is cool. 1. 5 is my favorite number. 2. I got married on the 5th of December and 3. my firstborn's birthday is on the 5th of March.

  • Leolaia
    Our pastor asked Neil and I to turn around and see all the wonderful guests behind us. And then he asked the guests something like, "As family and friends of Andi and Neil, it is your duty to do everything possible to assist them in making their marriage successful. To pray for, encourage, counsel, guide and love them as they would love each other. Will you please uphold that promise to them? If so, please say, 'I will'." And since none of my family were there (except my sweet Uncle Dad and his daughter) I saw Megadude, Valis, CSG, and COMF sitting on MY side of the row. Everyone in the audience said, "I will" in very loud voices, but I could really only see my favorite apostates in that front row.

    Wow, that is so kewl! I want that guy to do my wedding, whenever it should come. It sounds so thoughtful. My parents were married by a judge in his own house, minutes after he was gardening in the backyard, and he was wearing overalls and rubber boots.

    Happy Andi-versary!

  • Es

    happy anniversary

    Loved looking at the wedding photos you both looked awesome


  • onacruse

    ((Andi and Mozz)) I remember that day, your day.

    About the same time, it seems like a slew of us met each other, and found a connection with one another that was worth a lifetime commitment...and not just because we were exJWs -- but just because we found love in each others eyes, and hearts.

    I share your happiness!



  • Country_Woman


    I hope you had a wonderfull day !!!


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