The reason I arrived, and why I'm still here...

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  • riotgirlpeeps

    I'm like legolas here to get and give help. Since taking my final steps away from it this time I knew I'd need the support, and have found it here.


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Thanks Candidly

    I arrived here after trying a couple of other forums. This was shortly after I had realized the so-called-truth had no truth in it.

    I somehow found my way here and like many others lurked for a while until I got the courage to make my forst post. And then disappeared.

    But I eventually came back and got to share many parts of my life here and found my vioce here like I had found in no other place.

    The healer in me wants to support others and offer what I can.

    Looking forward to getting to know so many of the new ones here. It seems many of you have read my posts so you may have a better idea of who I am than I have of you.

  • atypical

    Old Soul, your posts are really great. I arrived here by accident. I was agonizing over the fact that I seem unable to fit into any congregation well(I too, have become a 30 year old non-elder; actually for the last few years I have had no responsibilities in the congregation, mostly because I stopped answering at meetings and dropped off the ministry school) , and just surfing the net looking for some kind of answer. I saw many sites that were just too angry, and several that were just trying to indoctrinate me out of my fire and into their frying pan.

    The thing that really got me was to read posts about other people who also suffered because they were not exactly the same as their peers. It was refreshing and made me feel like it's not just that there's something wrong with me. I'm still not sure how I feel about the doctrine, but I am sure that I think the social atmosphere of the religion can be very harmful to some, if not many.

  • kazar

    I was a lurker for a year before I made the jump. I had come here mistakenly believing this to be Jehovah's Witnesses' forum. Well, I was certainly surprised. Even more so to realize that all that was being transmitted on these pages was what I was feeling in my heart. I was so confused at the time; I was seeking reinstatement with the Witnesses. This forum prevented that--much to my happiness. Sometimes I feel a little melancholy for the feeling of certainty to know what is going to happen in this life that I had with the Witnesses, but nothing can compare to the freedom I have of being independent and living my own life. It's wonderful. I love it here.

  • Gretchen956

    Ahhh!!!! I feel a group hug coming on!!! Old Soul and everyone else, we're so glad you all could find this place!


  • willyloman

    daystar: These are very wise words.

    He led our family on a path that marginalized us, excluded us from the extended family, and has led all of us into emotional and psychological trauma from which recovery is a long and difficult road. I think he realizes this somewhat now. I think he may, at some point, if not now, come under the burden of almost unbearable guilt. I love my dad dearly. He will need my support and understanding, and more than anything else, my forgiveness, which I give freely. He was duped just as much as anyone.

    oldsoul: Yes, it IS systemic!

  • OldSoul

    Thank you all for your replies. I think this sort of post and these sorts of replies helps lurkers feel less abnormal about their valid questions and concerns.

    ((((Sherry)))) Hugs back!

    ((((ALL)))) We will make it through to the other end of the tunnel.


  • jst2laws

    Awh OldSoul,

    Another good one. What you say about moving on is so true. This is a place to heal.

    There is emotional, mental, and (forgive me tetrapod.sapien and Terry) spiritual healing going on here that isn't really addressed on other forums.

    Once we have recovered here, and that happens to folks who walked away from the WT 10-15 (like Daystar) years ago, then we are ready to move on. Some grow spiritually and emotionally beyond the WT and failed to realize they have changed, for the better, but changed. They seem to think the JWD board has changed and no longer suites their needs. Then they try to change the board. As you say, they just need to move on to a real life, or another board. Both are out there.


    You make a good point:

    I used to think the newbies needed me, but that's not true and it gives ME too much credit. They need us, they need some of us to stay after we could go, if only to offer them a hand up out of the hell they are living in.

    That's why I keep coming back. Like Ozzie, its time to GIVE for us old turnips. What amazes me is I will see a newbie post something JW-ish and the urge hits to get a protective post in quick before someone disses them. But before I even finish reading the original post half a dozen others have commented reassuringly to the newbie, welcoming them and making them feel at home. And who are these astute posters? Many have only been here since JUNE or JULY! What arogance on the part of an oldie to think for a moment that I'm vital here. I can still contribute something, but not even as much as the newer ones who can better relate to the newbies.


    Why don't you and I start a project of contributing the unique sort of thing that only a few others can, our wealth of experiences on the elder body and at Bethel? What do you think? Maybe some of the other ex-overlords ex-elders will join in.


  • onacruse

    OldSoul, I've never personally welcomed you to JWD, and so here it is!

    I am still here because I choose to give back to a forum that has helped me immeasurably to move forward.


    Why did you arrive?

    On the advice of a couple of very close friends...with whom I still have an argument now and then, like last night! LOL

    Why are you still here?

    I guess I still have some demons to exorcise from my soul.


  • stillconcerned


    Your transparency is priceless!

    Thank you for your post..

    Kimberlee d.

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