Whats your fav dessert????

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  • kid-A

    A tie between "Creme Brulee" and "Chocolate-Peanut Butter Cheesecake"

  • mrsjones5

    Peach Cobbler! Yummy!

  • GentlyFeral


    Lemon merange (how do you spell that?) pie

    "Meringue." It's a French word.

    Back when I could still eat sugar, I liked things with strong, vivid flavors. I couldn't stand lemon meringue pie unless the filling was tart enough to pucker your mouth. It had to be, to stand up to the sugary meringue. Peach pie was wonderful, especially good and tart. My mother prided herself on her tender, flaky pie crust and taught me to make them the same way - with LARD. Nothing else would do, she said.

    I also loved those slowly baked meringue cookies, especially the chocolate chip ones - you bite into one, it crunches quietly and then melts in your mouth. Sensual, mysterious, yum.

    And almost anything made with puff pastry. Or blueberries. Or cantaloupe. Or chocolate, except ice cream, strangely enough.

    Pecan pie. Sometimes pumpkin pie, and I was over the moon with delight when I discovered a recipe for pumpkin pecan pie about 20 years ago. It was my trademark to bring to jaydub gatherings. Chess pie (which is a pecan pie variant) with Wyler's Peach Cider; the cider tastes tart by contrast with the sugary pie - it's a great balance.

    But the first time I tried seriously to lose weight, I started getting away from desserts. Turned out to be a blessing after I was diagnosed with diabetes a couple years back.

    Nowadays I'm content with sugar-free ice cream, if it's good quality, or one piece of fruit, or berries with NutraSweet and fat-free sour cream, or peanut butter and sugar-free jam on a couple of graham crackers. Or, you know, I could do the meat course again...

    gently feral

  • FlyingHighNow

    I have so many that I like. The apple dumplings with vanilla icecream that Cracker Barrel serves are good. They are so big, you need two people to share one. Go in your birthday and they will give you one for free. I like butter pecan icecream, the saltier tasting the better, with coca-cola poured over it. Cannoli if it's so smooth it's like custard and is heated with a thin pastry wrap, rather than a thick one. The first canoli I had was in DesPlaines, Illinois and it was like that. Oh, once we had bread pudding with no raisins and a real rum sauce over it. Yummy. Baked egg custard with a nice brown crust on the top, like they serve in the cafeterias like Piccadilly down south. Oh, forgot one. In Furr's cafeteria in Texas, they serve the best Millionaire's Pie you could ever sink your teeth into. You'll think you're dreaming.

  • dorayakii

    The Sahara...

    Ohhhh, "dessert"!....

    Its got to be either tiramisu, apple crumple with custard or "dorayaki", i can't make up my mind. I can finish a whole bowl of tiramisu in a flash, but i prefer to use a tea-spoon and savour every bite, so it will last longer... Apple crumple is much tastier than apple pie, its my all-time favourite warm dessert, especially with raisins which have been soaked in dark rum. Mmmmmm....

    Dorayaki is where i get my forum-name from. Its a Japanese dessert consisting of a pancake-like cake, filled with Anko bean paste. Its soooo delicious.

    Put whipped cream or custard on it and its even more oishiiiiii* !!!

    * oishii = delicious / tasty

  • rebel8

    Cannoli is my fave.


    It doesn't make you sick? I got really sick to my stomach and had pain/numbness throughout my upper body when I tried it.

  • lonelysheep

    Key Lime Pie

    A close second is Apple Crisp.

  • daystar

    I'd have to vote creme brulee as well.

  • JH

    Last night I went over to mom's and ate carrot cake

  • mrsjones5

    It's a toss up between peach cobbler and brownies

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