"What will I do with all my suits?"

by jgnat 69 Replies latest jw friends

  • Finally-Free
    He does enjoy cutting a fine figure.

    Get him to buy a nice Harley and customize it. Invest in a nice leather jacket, some chaps, gloves, and sunglasses. He'll cut a very fine figure, and he can use the suits to polish the chrome. (unless they're polyester)


  • Billygoat

    Wow, jgnat, this is quite a break for you! After hearing ithinkisee, Almost Atheist, and kwin's stories, I wonder if you're next! In all seriousness, help your husband find the joy. The WTS can attempt to take it, but like you and I both know, it hasn't nothing to do with external elements. There is joy for the taking. Just accepting what Life has to offer is the first step. Maybe you can surprise him with a date. Tell him to come home after work, get gussied up, cuz you're taking him out for a sexy dinner and show. Go for a walk in the park (not in the suit though), have a scoop of ice cream at the local dairy store, go for a ride with the windows down. I know you know all this, but I know it's those little things that make me enjoy what God provides TODAY.

    Best of luck and blessings!


  • katiekitten

    Cut the legs down into shorts and go surfing in them.

    Cut the arms off and sew them into a pair of trousers for a dwarf.

    Cut all the buttons off and string them together to make a nice necklace.

    Cut the jacket off at the halfway mark to make a unique bolero jacket.

    Roll the trouser legs up to the knees, go to the beach, sit on a deck chair and pretend to be a British person on holiday.

    Wear them with a black T shirt underneath and tell everyone you are in I.T.

    Sew some gold sequins on and pretend they are all Versace suits.

  • avishai

    Shoot, I still wear suits, not super often, but when I can.

    I'm a wedding minister, got my card through the universal life church, (totally non-denominational) and maybe when he gets a lil' more "out", it'd be something fun for him, doing weddings, ya know. It satisfies that whole public speaking center of attn. thing lots of ex-dubs have.

  • jgnat

    LOL, I love ALL the comments.

    katiekitten, you nut!

    Finally-Free, you have NO IDEA how close you nailed it. I'll have to tell you ANOTHER exciting story one day.

    Avishai, you've mentioned something that may be a dirty little secret in the x-JW community. That it is possible to reject the society yet still be fond of the trappings. Like public speaking and having an excuse to dress up in a suit.

  • katiekitten
    a dirty little secret in the x-JW community

    Ive got a secret stash of dresses like the ones in the new order pictures - peter pan collars, high button up fronts, hems cutting your calves in half.

    Sometimes when im feeling really dirty I get them out and role play giving a number 4 talk in them...(WITHOUT any underwear!!!)

  • ballistic
    Sometimes when im feeling really dirty I get them out and role play giving a number 4 talk in them...(WITHOUT any underwear!!!)

    This would make a great high light at any apostfest!

  • katiekitten

    Number 4 talk simulation?

  • ballistic

    yeah - kinda f**cked up isn't it? haha

  • katiekitten

    I dunno. My partner always gets wood when he goes into a church. No reason why we cant get the equivalent from reading the 'Organised to Accomplish our Ministry' book!

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