Do any white people live in New Orleans?

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  • Bryan

    The water is contaminted with sewage and dead bodies, possibly thousands, the Mayor said. That's why they are evacuating the entire city.


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  • LyinEyes

    I was watching the news, and one of the police chiefs or someone in charge was telling his men........" don't worry about the dead bodies, right now,,,,,,,get the live ones". How horrible , how sad, there must be many dead bodies for them to say that........right now they are still resucing so many.

  • jws

    They said on one report last night that there were coffins floating around. They didn't show them though. I don't know if that means that it was an unconfirmed report (with no photos to back it up) or if they felt that showing people's coffins was in bad taste.

    On a garden district tour, they pointed out the houses of Anne Rice, Trent Reznor (9-inch-nails), and Archie Manning. They're all white. I know Anne Rice was living there. I don't know whether the Trent Reznor and Archie Manning homes were current homes or whether they once lived there.

    But..., those were all in the Garden District and you have to have a lot of money to live there. In other words, these people had the means to evacuate.

  • mrsjones5

    I found a picture of some white folks down in New Orleans

    Camille Fletcher, right, and her daughter Glendalyn, prepare to embrace after they were rescued separately by boat from flood waters on the east side of New Orleans, Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2005. Fletcher had thought her daughter had died after Hurricane Katrina struck the area. Officials called for a mandatory evacuation of the city, but many resident's remained in the city and had to be rescued from flooded homes and hotels. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

  • horrible life
    horrible life

    How wonderful that they found each other. That would be so very hard not knowing if your loved ones were alive. Glendalyn is one lucky guy girl

    person. I would sure like to shake his her Glendalyn's hand. I'm sorry HL

  • DanTheMan

    That's a great picture Mrs. Jones, thanks

  • Oroborus21


    As others have mentioned, the city portion which is flooded (unlike the outlaying suburbs) is primarily black and other non-whites to begin with. (Really not much different than most major metropolitan cities in the U.S.)

    I saw a few white persons amongst the crowd. What you have to keep in mind is that the media coverage of the crowds there are of people WHO DID NOT LEAVE or WHO COULD NOT LEAVE.

    Many of the persons in the later category simply did not have the economic means to leave and have now been flushed out of their homes by the water. It can be expected that the vast majority of these economically depressed (aka "poor") people will be black and other minorities which is the explanation why the media clips we see now seem to depict almost entirely black people or other non-whites.

    The situation is very sad and what we can see on the news cannot possibly convey the whole picture. Things may get a little bit worse before they get better unless some food and water can be gotten to those in the isolated areas.


  • Eyebrow2

    I kept saying yesterday: why didn't these people LEAVE????? I was really irked.

    Then, I watched some of the interviews, and read some of the interviews...a lot of people couldn't leave. They didn't have a way out of the city. For those of us that have been to New Orleans, it is a bit difficult to get out if you don't have a car or cannot pay to leave on a bus, etc. I was told that the government was offering to bus people out for free, but I bet there was some percentage of people that were not aware of it.

    There definately were the stubborn...they were fools to stay. And, you know, I really think it would be foolish to try to build the city as it was. I think it is high time to think about possibly moving back the city, and filling in some of the area.

    It just drives me crazy when you see this kind of devastation...the loss of life could have been minimized if people had listened. I hope we learn a lot from this one and make better civil engineering decisions in the future with our coastal communities...

    Valis...I hope your aunt is okay. My stepkids grandmother was in Port Sulphur, but left. The house she was in and the house across the street where they used to live is gone. They lost a lot of toys and things...who cares about that. I don't like their grandmother, but I am so relieved she is okay.

  • Robdar

    I guess most of the whites could afford to get out.

    I've been watching the news coming out of New Orleans. I see helicopter rescue after helicopter rescue but I haven't seen any rescue boats. Where are the freakin boats?

  • upside/down

    ....not anymore.


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