Hurr. Katrina and the WTS' slacking hand

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  • stillajwexelder

    I definitely saw a JW on the telly wading through the water, mags in hand, giving spirtual direction when its needed the most ( ok so his wellies didnt match his suit, but it was still a good witness)


  • Mary
    Lyin' Eyes said: you bet those South Louisiana JW's opened their homes. Even ones who had small two bedroom old trailers, found cots, sleeping bags and had their friends down. Those people from south Louisiana the JW's who were staying with the ones who moved here from down there, were just as wonderful. They made sure they earned their keep so to speak, by cooking and cleaning for their hosts, even when told not to. It is just the way they are, very , very hospitable.

    Yes, there certainly are individual Witnesses who are very hospitable and are good Christian people. Your experience above reminds me of the parable that Jesus gave of the poor widow who gave the "two coins of very little value", yet He said that she gave more than all the others because she gave all she had. It's just a shame that Columbia Heights doesn't encourage this true Christian spirit amongst all it's followers. They could certainly do a lot of good.

  • Jim_TX

    I think yall are getting reeeeeal close to the most likely reason that the WTBTS _doesn't_ jump right in there and contribute cash and other aid.

    If they did - they would reveal to the world - how much money - or a part thereof - that they have stashed away.

    Can't have the IRS nosing around asking questions... not to mention the lower-level JWs.


    Jim TX

  • steve2

    I hope Sir82 hasn't been too roasted by the robust replies!

    Most people here seem to agree that individual JWs may indeed exhibit really good compassion and a spirit of giving.

    However, the JW organisation itself is geared primarily towards supporting its well-oiled mammoth printing industry. Sometimes, inconvenient things come along - like 9/11, tsunamis and hurricanes -and the natural human response is, "What can we do to help others in their time of need?"

    But, the Watchtower ethos, dominated by the constrictive need to keep printing production in full swing, hasn't the time nor the will to do more in a practical, human way to help disaster-stricken people in their immediate situation. Shamefully for the watchtower, "keeping your eyes on the [printing] prize" has left little, if any, room for spontaneous human compassion and giving.

  • Honesty
    The JWs get millions of dollars, which they invest in their core business which has nothing to do with disaster relief. Sir82

    You are so right. Your statements prove the WT/JW's are definitely not christian.

  • Elsewhere

    For Immediate Release
    September 1, 2005

    Local Witnesses Organize to Help
    Victims of Hurricane Katrina

    UNITED STATES—Representatives of Jehovah’s Witnesses were cooperating with local authorities yesterday afternoon to assess the needs of their fellow worshippers and others victimized by the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina.

    Initial reports indicate that Witnesses who sought refuge in the Superdome in New Orleans are now being evacuated to the Astrodome in Houston, Texas, some 350 miles away. Some Witnesses who are residents of New Orleans and surrounding areas were not in the city because they were attending a Witness convention in Beaumont, Texas, when the hurricane made landfall. By that Sunday afternoon, arrangements were made for all of them to be accommodated in the homes of their fellow worshippers in the Beaumont and Houston areas until they can return home.

    Witnesses across the United States were moved to offer their services, donations, and/or materials to those needing assistance. A relief committee is being set up to coordinate these matters once a clearer picture of the extent of the damage is available.

    Media Contact: J. R. Brown, telephone: (718) 560-5600

  • cruzanheart
    Initial reports indicate that Witnesses who sought refuge in the Superdome in New Orleans are now being evacuated to the Astrodome in Houston, Texas, some 350 miles away.

    Yeah, they're being evacuated by the GOVERNMENT, not Jehovah's Witnesses! Well, it would cost a lot of money and it's hard to say how "strong in the truth" those refugees are anyway.


  • truthsetsonefree

    But everyone knows that this is for JW's. If some "worldly" folks happen by, well they'll help them. But no SPECIAL effort will be made. And forget about it if Witnesses donate to other charitable organizations. The money should go to 'the worldwide work.' I checked with some sources and what is below in red is what they said was the 'Society's' effort. It is pathetic. It is interesting how with the communications networks the "worldly"folks have built, they are just as stymied as everyone else. Sad too is the fact that most of New Orleans' residents are African-American and poor, just the sort of folks who WTBTS converts and encourages to stay poor. And also enlightening is the fact that though the Society condemns other religions, the Witnesses may get more help from other religions who are giving food and blankets than the Watchtower.

    A CO and a Regional Building Committee member were given permission to go into New Orleans as representatives of Jehovah's Witnesses.
    23 Kingdom Halls in Kenner, Metairie, and New Orleans sustained heavy damage.
    Eight of these Kingdom Halls are submerged. 2 partially submerged.
    Only the Westside of New Orleans could be assessed.

    Witnesses in the Superdome are being transferred to Houston Astrodome.
    A Kingdom Hall in Empire, Louisiana is completely destroyed.
    50 Regional Building Committee members will enter New Orleans for a survey of Kingdom Halls and homes on Monday.
    Also an aerial view of the general area is being planned.
    Kingdom Halls in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, and Ocean Springs, Mississippi, have been completely destroyed.
    Difficult to determine matters because of telephone lines and cell-phone towers being down.
    A relief committee will oversee efforts.

  • Honesty
    When I was still married to the JW wifey, there was a hurricane that hit on the coast. I asked the wifey what the local JWs were doing? She babbled something about how they were being 'helped' from Brooklyn now, and not by the surrounding JW folks. Jim TX

    I have just talked with the WTBTS Service Department at 718-560-5000 on 9/2/2005 at 12:55 PM EDST.

    You can contribute for Hurricane Katrina relief efforts through your local Kingdom Hall and put your donation in the contribution boix marked for the World Wide Work. You may also send donations directly to the Branch Office... to the Brooklyn address. Donations should be marked for the World Wide Work and not specificically reserved for relief efforts. This allows the brothers to use the money in the best way they see fit. Again, mark donations for the World Wide Work and not specific to the relief efforts.

    "What efforts have the brothers got going on at the moment?"

    The situation is still being somnewhat assesed and uhmmm.... being coordinated. But brothers that have been evacuated are being cared for in the areas where they were evacuated to or where they are staying with other friends or relatives. In the disaster areas the brothers are trying to assess damage to Kingdom Halls and to homes and to things like that so that's still kind of ongoing. So, we'll probably have some more complete information soon but it's still a little sketchy right now.

    Anyone having professional technical expertise in data transfer methods may PM me so that we may be able to 'Get the Spoken Word' out for all to hear.

  • TopHat
    My friend Karen who was from Houma, was a saint if there ever was one, and I admired her for her Mother Teresa ways. I have always been kind of shy but I followed her lead and invited her friends the downsouth Jw's to come and stay with us, to give more room and beds and I enjoyed them so much.

    I find that most people from Louisiana are giving and kind...not just the JWs

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