Is this swearing, to a JW?

by wordlywife 35 Replies latest jw friends

  • JW83

    My daughter has a teddy bear called 'Shizer'

    'Bloody' was sort-of allowed in casual conversation when I was a dub, being Aussies & giggly young girls!

    I've always sworn like a trooper in private though. It took me a lot longer to get over not being able to stick my finger up at someone, I physically could not do it for years (I know some people would say it's not exactly an attractive skill!) Now I do it frequently & with ease ...

  • Es

    absolutely i think its classed as more blashpemous than swearing tho es

  • Mary

    Here's a really good one: The Worldwide Church of God really, really frowed upon the phrase "Jimmeny Crickets", because they said it was just a substitute swearing for "Jesus Christ" dumb can you get??

  • delilah

    Growing up, we always said." Bloody hell," Flippin'eck" and " Jesusmaryand joseph." But if mom ever heard, or Grandma, we'd catch it. My sister-in-law always says, "Cheese and rice" brother and his friends used to say "sipped" instead of "pissed" and nobody ever caught on.


  • JW83

    Here's a hint: if you swear in a different accent, or if you are already British, it doesn't sound as bad!

    Example, I have a NZ friend who always says she's 'pussed'

  • mrsjones5

    cant even say "oh my god" which i say quite a bit. my next favorite thing to say is "jesus h christ" cant wait for the next family reunion

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