Is this swearing, to a JW?

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  • Sassy

    although a lot of words are big time bad in their book.. I mean once I heard even if you USE a word.. such as sugar instead of sh*$, if used in that 'tone' it is still wrong.. lol

    but let me tell you..there are plenty who swear under certain circumstances.. even elders.. say as they are working on cars? or something physically demanding.. where you might crush, cut or cause some hurt to yourself..

  • RichieRich
    Richie Rich on this forum was.

    I said shit on the internet, and I got put on reproof. Its the god damn truth.

    The JW kids cuss a lot. Like more than worldly kids.

    I cuss like a sailor, when I want to.

    ANd I know plenty of JW adults who will cuss if they wanna.

  • banished1

    This is all so funny cause it reminds me of how careful my JW family was with cuss words.
    The only expression allowed was "Oh my!" I kid you not! My sisters in laws with kids were serious about this and if you wanted access to their kids it was "Oh my!" or "Oh no!" and all the time.

    I remember once my fleshly brother not in the troof visited and he had an occasion to swear for some reason. Oh boy could he swear mighty fine!!! It was music to my ears to hear some well placed expletives!

    Now that I'm out of the borg I tried of bit of swearing myself, you know, to see how it fits.
    Nah, just cant get comfortable with it. It just spills out all over my chin and makes me look bad.
    I'm Dfd and saying "Oh my!" ..........good grief! (that was another allowed expression)

  • schne_belly

    I know of a CO's wife who would get in a tizzy if you would even say "Jiminy Crickets". She said it was just another way of saying "Jesus Christ" (?). She also was offended by the expressions "pissed" & "sucked".


  • jgnat

    My mom wasn't a JW, just repressed. At least that's what her psychologist told her. Up to that point the worst cuss word I had ever heard her say was rats . She came home from that session swearing like a sailor. Thanks to mommie dearest, still I stutter when I try and s_s_s_s_wear. Except for "short and curlies". I say "short and curlies" a lot.

    Thanks to that psychologist, I have an aversion to therapy to this day.

  • misspeaches

    It shows how important Jesus is to the JW's as well. I bet your husband would never dare say 'Jehovah' or 'God' during a bad play but has no problem calling out Jesus.

    Despite this though any of those expressions are unacceptable and if the elders knew they would be hauling his behind into a back room.

  • Cygnus

    Well I know quite a few dubs that use four-letter words deemed "obscene" by the FCC.

    Reminds me of a time a few years back when my JW wife goofed something up on our work computer and while we were both standing there figuring out how to fix it she said "Oh shit", then covered her mouth with her hand, looked at me and giggled. Ya don't say "Oh shit" once; verbiage such as that becomes ingrained in your brain with use.

  • mrs rocky2
    mrs rocky2

    I was reproved for using "what a turkey." Also very offensive is "that sucks." But a lot of JWs I knew couldn't stop using "gosh, golly, gee whiz, lordy."

  • vitty

    I got councilled for saying flipping heck !

    The other day I slipped up and said bloody hell to a witness friend on the phone, i felt a little embarrist but what the F#ยค%K

  • googlemagoogle

    Schweinhund ain't that bad. in europe generally there are only few "unsayable" words. there's no bleeping in the tele for example.

    "schweinehund" is more or less the equivalent to the mexican "cabron". it's not much of an insult, but depends very much on the situation. "schwein" alone - as in "pig" - would be considered one of the worst insults though, but also depending on the context.

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