my first cup of coffee.....

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  • Finally-Free
    I also gave up going to the pub at 9 pm. Now I go at 10.

    am or pm?


  • Fe2O3Girl


    While in Italy, I drank so many cups from so many cafes and bars and enjoyed my favorite brands:

    Caffe DANESI
    Miscela D'Oro

    and so many others.

    I'm misting up! Caffeine dependence is never going to be a problem here in the UK where the coffee is filthy. I have had one decent espresso in the last year.

  • misanthropic

    I used to take my coffee in an IV drip!

    And I thought I was the only one! I haven’t given up coffee though, I still love it. Just toned it down a bit.

  • Billygoat


    I'm gluten intolerant as well. (And Lactose Intolerant.) If you live close to a Whole Foods, you can purchase some GF items that I've found that are awesome! They really help when my cravings get so bad I want to cheat. They have sandwich bread, peanut butter cookies, brownies, pizza crust! They're expensive, but worth the cost considering the health cost of cheating. I'll PM you some other items that you might be able to get.


  • arwen

    My husband usually makes the coffee in the morning and he puts coffe, cocoa, and vanilla in the dripper thing and then adds the is a Tim Horton's coffee maker that we had to send back for a recall and it was gone for five days. We lived with a one cup coffe maker and it was really awful...I made it and it was so strong. I never used to drink coffee but my husband got me into it and I have to drink some every morning or he will drink the whole pot before he goes or rather "flys" to work...

  • Carmel

    BiChi, I gave up carbs about three months ago along with coffee. The latter affects my kidneys in a most painful way so I too am on the cranberry and water regime. As to the diet, my sugar comes from fresh fruits and what ever is in the salads that accompany my meat, and I do love my meat.. End result, I loose about a pound a week depending upon the level of activity and exercise. Down eighteen pounds without "dieting". It took about three weeks of diciplining myself to avoid the complex carbs, especially the spuds and rice, but hey, don't miss them a bit if I have a nice steak or fried chicken.... Doesn't matter at all now what people are eating around me. I often find myself going without food and not really having any hunger pangs.

    As a side benefit, contrary to those who protest the sins of eating more meat, my cholesterol count has dropped as well, which was not one of my aims, just a side benefit. (pun not intended)


  • happysunshine

    That's a good point about corporate interest in food markets. Did anyone see "SuperSize Me"? That freeked me out a bit, as I don't know much about lobby groups...

  • chrissy
    I quit cold turkey don't ask why

    but, why? hehe.

    I'll never understand having been slave to the stuff since age eight thanks in part to my grandma's influential diet consisting of coffee and secondhand smoke. oh and that little colombian man, juan valdez. you know the one with the poncho who won't stop bringing it up here on that tiny mule of his.

    the media is reporting, at least as of today, that coffee is good for you and is the main source of antioxidant consumption in US diets. i guess that means we dont eat well or something...?

  • Es

    I couldnt quit having my coffee but i have recently quit drinking coke and having water instead and i tell you what i had my first glass of coke in a week and it was disgusting. es

  • Billygoat

    Rarely do I drink caffeine. I'v found that I sleep SO much better.

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