my first cup of coffee.....

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  • Finally-Free

    Just a thought ... your body may have gone into a state of emergency and is thinking it is starving, due to the change in your eating habits. Therefore, it is now storing fat. It's an automatic response. Perhaps you should up your use of fat a bit (the good kind, such as olive oil, canola, and low or no-cholesterol salad dressings), and you may find it works a bit better.

    good luck with it! And keep up the healthy eating, give it time. RIGHT ON, GOOD FOR U!


    I use canola and olive oil, but very sparingly. I little more probably wouldn't hurt. On the plus side, I'm feeling much better, and have a lot more energy. Maybe I need to increase the physical activity.

    I wonder if typing faster would help?


  • sonnyboy

    I don't think anyone knows what's good and bad for us. One day coffee's bad, the next day it's good. One day eggs are unhealthy, and before you know it they're not.

    My great grandmother lived to be 102 years old. Do you know what was good for her? Whatever she wanted. She at steak fat, lots of pork, and all kinds of sweets and cakes. She always had some kind of roast in the oven when we'd go over to visit. She never smoke or drank however, but her diet wasn't exactly what most would consider healthy.

    I'm sure a lot of it's genetic, but I'm not going to force myself to eat foods that I don't care for because today someone says that's how I'm supposed to eat.

  • talesin


    I have given up so much because I had to. Cake, bread, pizza, anything with grains. I do find that with the exception of PIZZA, I don't enjoy the breads and stuff like I used to.

    Oh, who am I kidding? I MISS TOAST. (home-made, slathered w/ butter & strawberry jam)


    You know, what I think is that each of our bodies is different, and it seems to me that experimentation is the key. We all process different foods differently. Taking an interest in diet as a hobby, and trying out different healthful ways of eating, listening to your body (as you obviously are doing already) and constantly adjusting to what feels good, will get you there. My only advice is to avoid chemicals as much as possible (yes, I know can be a PITA to always be cooking, but it can be enjoyable once you get into it).

    Now that I am cooking most everything at home, I actually have to add fat and salt to my food, because I am not getting it 'hidden' in packaged stuff. Also, now that I am no longer eating the foods that are harmful to me, I am stuffing my face all the time, and still losing the occasional pound! I know, I know, women in their 40s are supposed to have a hard time keeping in shape, but this 'knowing your body and what it needs' has really worked for me.

    Hmm, I don't think typing faster will do much good, but you never know!


  • Finally-Free

    Tal, I'm cooking everything at home now, and almost never go to restaurants anymore. I never buy prepared foods either, and make my own bread. And I'm starting to read labels too! I'm really getting domesticated now.

    My greatest vice now is kitchen gadgets. I love kitchen gadgets.


  • talesin

    ME, TOO! hehehe

    Seriously, though, this is the best thing you could do for yourself when it comes to food. Take heart, the weight will start to come off. (sorry for the thread highjack, kate!)


    of the *has 3 garlic presses* class

  • Utopian Reformist
    Utopian Reformist

    Those of you than know me personally, know how much I love coffee. A few of have seen me go through the usual ritual of ordering a quintuple shot of expresso, one of about five or six daily. I average anywhere from 15-20 shots of expresso daily.

    You know what is funny? I quit all of the time and NEVER suffer fom caffeine headaches. I can go a year without expresso. While in Italy, I drank so many cups from so many cafes and bars and enjoyed my favorite brands:

    Caffe DANESI

    Miscela D'Oro







    and so many others. My favorite beans are: Kenyan; Ethiopian; Somali; Arabica. I never use sugar and always drink it black.

  • Finally-Free
    I never use sugar and always drink it black.

    I never use sugar either, and drank mine black for 20 years. Recently I started using Coffeemate Fat free french Vanilla in my coffee. I blame that on Rayzorblade's influence.


  • GetBusyLiving

    Right now I'm in the middle of 30 days sans alcohol. I like to do it once a year or so to make sure I stay moderate. There is no way in hell I would ever stop drinking coffee, I love it too much.


  • talesin

    I gave up my Xtreme coffee habit about 15 years ago to help deal with breast cysts. For two weeks, I had headaches and was irritable (no, not YOU?!! Yes, ME! lol). Now, I have it when I feel like it, and I am with UR,, I love espresso! and have a stove-top espresso maker. I also love Arab coffee ... mmmmm.

    BUT ,,, if I go without tea for a couple of days, that is a different matter ... oh, the cravings!


  • damselfly

    I tried to give up coffee and failed miserably.

    I love it sooooooooo much. The smell, the heat of the cup in my hands mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    I try to keep it to only 2 large a day, my doctor is worried about my bones.


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