What Do Jehovah's Witnesses Think Of YOU?

by minimus 35 Replies latest jw friends

  • trevor

    You know how the Jehovah’s Witnesses walk at snail pace when going from door to door?

    Well if you want to see them sprint, watch them as they go past my demon possessed apostate house!

  • BrendaCloutier
    They 'don't understand what happened. She was such a good gurl.'

    Those that know and are friends of my parents I'm sure say this and "Oh poor Brother and Sister Cloutier, their youngest daughter that they ADOPTED is no longer in the troof".

    Otherwise, no one knows nor cares. I'm just another "worldly" person, and those that come to our door (past the private property no trespassing sign on the condo complex entry) get told by me that I used to be and I am not any longer. I get that doe-in-the-headlights stare and scared smile.

    If Kevan answers the door, "Brenda, it's for yo'ouuu!"

    I think next time I might just invite them in with interest!

  • BrendaCloutier

    Welcome back Minimus! You were missed.


  • jaffacake

    They know I can expose their disinformation and false doctrines, so they refuse to study/discuss with me any more.

    When I caught the local PO off guard when he visited me at home, and using only the Watchtower, he had to admit they got no information from God. I thought this was a very promising breakthrough, but instead it just meant he would discontinue my Bible study.

    I still like this guy a lot. After several weeks, he dropped some books off today that he promised me a couple of months ago.

  • thom

    I think they feel sorry for me. How I let some "worldly" girl pull me away. How I'm giving up my everlasting life because I'm too weak to stay active in this time of the end. The ones I've talked to tend to ignore all the reasons I give them, they think I'm just fooling myself so I can block out the reality of my impending destruction at armageddon.
    I did move back to where I grew up about a year ago. I live just three blocks from the house I lived in as a kid, my daughter goes to the schools I went to. On a nice note, I met my 8th grade gym coach at her school Wednesday night. He's still there (I went there 27 years ago). He was as nice to me this week as he was when I was his student. Just another "worldly" person who treats me very well and is kind and sincere.

  • minimus

    The word is that the elders are "afraid" of me. I don't quite believe that. Still, I believe they all think I'll just waltz back into the Hall and all 40 people can fawn over the prodical son. (Yup. There's only 40 at the average meeting from what I hear)!

  • zev

    nope, don't give a flying rats behind.

  • talesin


    Every so often, I am told that so-and-so was asking for me, how they miss me, and I would be sooooo welcome to come back. (yah, whatever!)

    Drrr, do these people have no life, I have been gone for 30 years!


  • minimus

    30 years!???? OMG!

  • Honesty
    Do you know?

    2 have called me an apostate to my face in public. They gave a great witness about the god they serve to everyone who saw their behavior. Imagine that!!

    Do you care??

    I care about them because I fear for their everlasting life if they continue denying Jesus as the only savior of the world. Other than that, they can call me names and call me a pagan apostate if it gives them a warm and fuzzy feelin'.

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