What Is The Worst Movie You Have Ever Seen?

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  • AllAlongTheWatchtower

    Talesin, I can't believe you listed Reservoir Dogs. Granted it was violent, perhaps overly so, but you have to expect that going in, with a Tarantino movie. I loved the opening sequence, with the whole debate about tipping. I also liked Buscemi in this, he's becoming one of my favorite actors.

  • ColdRedRain

    I loved the book about the Stupids when I was a kid, however, I wanna know what the hell the person that wrote that book thought when the author licensed that product to that shitty ass movie.

    And yes, Showgirls was AWFUL! The excessive nudity did NOT make the movie worth watching. And that's alot coming from me.

  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    I Hated the Matrix..overrated tripe.With possibly Keanu as the worst actor in Hollywood.

    Pear Harbour. Oh dearie dearie me.

    Donnie darko.Ridiculous.

  • Englishman

    Night Of The Lepus.

    Killer rabbits go bananas.


  • Gerard

    Everything made by Woody Allen Also: Erin Brokovich

    Underground (Balkan film)

    Something About Mary

  • talesin


    Yes, I know what you're saying. I had taped it off Bravo b/c I knew it was supposed to be a 'good flick' and figured I would give it a try in spite of the fact that it was Tarantino. However, his use of gore is so distracting and repulsive to me, that I turned it off after the first 25 minutes (opening sequence), as the extreme violence makes me feel assaulted, and it's oh-so-boring. I TRIED!!! lol!


  • DanTheMan

    Dinosaurs...as generic Disney as it gets

    Howard the Duck...the 80's were a strange, strange decade

    Kill Bill vol. 1 - had to get my Tarantino slam in. People pretend to like this movie because it's supposed to be cool to like Tarantino films.

    Wicker Park - oh this movie tried *so* hard to be cool and stylish...and it failed so completely

    Being John Malkovich - people pretend to like this movie because it's supposed to be cool to like films starring John Cusack

  • talesin

    Okay, Dan, I confess!!!

    I really like Cusack,,, I can't help myself! I am gratified to know that it's considered cool, though. YAY

    (lol, I mean it.. )


    of the *dork extraordinaire* class

  • Billygoat


    • The Full Monty - I sat and rewound that damn thing a million times trying to understand what they were saying - and that was just in the first 10 minutes. I finally got frustrated and turned it off.
    • Waterworld - I know, I know, it had Kevin Costner in it, I shoulda known. (I think I thought he was good just because of Field of Dreams and Bull Durham. I was wrong.)
    • Eyes Wide Shut - Ugh. Awful. Considering the subject matter, I should've known not to go.
    • Matrix - any of them - they were all bad.
    • Showgirls - I'm glad I'm not the only one that hated this.
    • American Beauty - I think I was disappointed because of the all mega-hype about how wonderful it was.
    • Fargo - another disappointment as I'm a pretty decent Cohen brothers fan.


    • Raising Arizona
    • Edward Scissorhands
    • Napoleon Dynamite
    • Nightmare Before Christmas
    • Talented Mr. Ripley - I really liked this one, even though it gave me the creeps. I think it "disturbed" me.
    • Last Temptation of Christ - wonderful movie! Would watch it a million times and still love it!
    • Shawshank Redemption - one of my favorites of all time.
  • the_classicist

    STAR WARS I-III, real disappointment.

    I just saw the worst movie ever on "space channel" this past weekend:


    I saw the first 2 minutes of that... needless to say I turned the channel.

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