Serena returns money won in gambling

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    she is a Jehovah's Witness and it is against her faith to gamble.

    According to the New York Post, Williams was gambling

    Williams stayed true to her faith. As she was leaving she gave back all the chips she had won worth around $400 to a stranger at a table.

    Wow she sure stayed true to her faith. "Against her faith to gamble, according to New York Post, Williams was gambling."

    Uhhh I don't think she stayed true to her faith. Typical hypocrite dub, and then appeases her conscience by giving the money away. Oh well I guess when you got lots of money for the donation box the Witnesses turn a blind eye.


  • talesin

    You know, I think of the conflicting messages these young wimmyn were raised with.

    Being raised JW, and being raised to be a professional athlete? This was not a whim of Serena's ... it is how her parents raised her!

    She must be a mess inside ... all this fame and money,,, wanting to LIVE the life! OTOH, feeling guilty about doing the very fun things that any young person would want to be doing ... going to Atlantic City and gambling (and getting caught and exposed in the New York fricking Times!), showing off that beautiful body in the skimpy clothes (she obviously loves fashion) ... then, knowing that if she doesn't 'tone it down', she will lose her family...

    These kids must be really effed up!


    *erring on the side of compassion* class

  • BluesBrother

    I am with Talesin here.

    Incidentally, have we ever seen the Williams sisters do anything related to a J W life, except profess a faith , sometimes.

    I would like to be corrected but it is my guess that they were raised as such a long time ago. The family faded or left the borg and the girls just have an inner belief that the J W movement is their religion. I met one or two like that in my time. If they have no congregation affiliation or record card, nobody will act to disfellowship or otherwise.

  • Sunspot
    Williams stayed true to her faith.


    How so? She went into a gambling establishment---she gambled. Period. HOW can anyone say that she "stayed true to her faith"?


  • Satanus
    As she was leaving she gave back all the chips she had won worth around $400 to a stranger at a table.

    Message to lurking jws: as long as you give it back, you are being true to your faith. It follows then, having sex? just give it back, and you will be true to your faith.


    Ps, ok, maybe not

  • kid-A

    Well she can just slip the members of her judicial committee 400 bucks a piece and all will be forgiven.

  • orbison11

    i, somehow, hope this gets thrown into the faces of the wtbs and they have to make a statement regarding the conduct of these girls........


  • DanTheMan

    She must not attend any congregation regularly, or if she does the elders have been told "let her do what she wants, we don't want another Michael Jackson fiasco".

  • avishai

    What if she had lost? Would it sill have been OK?

  • Pole

    I think she's doing a great job referring to herself as a Jehovah's witness.

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