Serena returns money won in gambling

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  • delilah

    Oh what a good little RICH Jehovah's Witness she is.......why do the rich and famous JW's even let on they are such? Especially those who are doing things that are contrary to what JW's are supposed to do?? I mean hey! Great that she GAVE the $$$ back, but why was she there in the first place????? If that were a commoner, like you or I, we'd be hauled before a kangaroo JC pronto and read the riot act.....hmmmm, money DOES talk, I guess.


  • Euphemism

    Last I heard, the Williams sisters were unbaptized. Anyone know if they ever got dunked?

  • luna2
    Last I heard, the Williams sisters were unbaptized. Anyone know if they ever got dunked?

    I hope they stay unbaptised and manage to escape altogether. Is their dad a JW? or are both the parents? The girls are really pretty rebellious all things considered. They were even willing to buck the tennis world by wearing those outfits of their's. Didn't Venus have to pay fines, at least in the beginning, for some of the stuff she wore on the court?

  • Scully
    What if she had lost? Would it sill have been OK?

    I want to know how much she gambled away before "winning" $400. Sheesh, and to think I once got reamed over a 50¢ lottery ticket that was given to me.

  • Es

    If she was returning the money than why the hell did she gamble in the first place??? Weird es

  • DannyHaszard

    A popular slogan from the 12 step programs AA,GA (gamblers anonymous)

    If you hang out at a barber shop long enough your going to get a haircut.(1 corn. 15:33)

  • Cygnus

    Talesin and Euphanism may be right. She may not have realised what she was doing was wrong for a JW to do, and $400.00 to her is like 40 cents to an average joe.

    The Flock book on page 136 says:

    Christians should avoid gambling in all its various forms,
    including lotteries. (Compare Isaiah 65:11; w89 7/15 p.
    30; g82 7/8 pp. 25-7; g81 11/22 p. 27.)

    Gambling can lead to or incite unchristian traits, such as
    greediness and covetousness. (Rom. 13:9, 10; 1 Cor. 6: 9,
    10; Col. 3:5)

    Additional bad results from gambling and association
    with gamblers give true Christians further reasons for
    avoiding it. (1 Cor. 15:33; g85 8/8 pp. 22-3; g82 7/8 pp.
    25-7; w80 9/1 pp. 29-30; w72 10/1 pp. 593-4)

    If a person makes a practice of gambling and after
    repeated counsel unrepentantly pursues a course of
    greediness, he could be disfellowshipped from the
    Christian congregation.
    (w80 9/1 pp. 29-30; w67 6/15 p.
    356) (italics mine)

    Serena didn't make a practice of gambing, it appears it has not been determined that repeated counsel be administered to her, and it says the person "could," not "should" be expelled from the congo.

    If indeed she's not baptized, she wouldn't be setting a good example for young JWs, but she's already not doing that. She likely didn't know what she was doing, her bodyguard put up $400, she won, still didn't know what to do, and gave it away. People running in fast crowds can end up in places they wouldn't have dreamed of seeing as a kid.

    Also, the elders have a way out of pressing matters:


    w80 9/1 p. 30 Questions from Readers ***

    It can be ‘the thin edge of the wedge,’ and especially would this be dangerous in encouraging the gambling spirit where children are among the players. Why not just keep a pencil score, or otherwise play the game simply for the fun of it? The spiritual elders in the congregation would not want to get involved in what you do in this respect. They would not try to legislate as did the religious leaders described at Luke 6:1-5. (italics mine)

  • blondie

    My sources say that the Williams sisters are not baptized and are at best, unbaptized publishers. Their mother is a baptized JW and in the past the attended a congregation in the Palm Beach area (FL).

  • kgfreeperson

    (note: New York Post is not New York Times!)

  • talesin


    my mistake on that one .... big difference, tis true!


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