Any fellow humanists out there?

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  • Eyebrow2

    I have been reading a lot here and there the past year about humanism, etc...and I am curious who else on this board that have left JWism has gone that route?

    It took me a few years, but this is where I am at now, and I have been looking into local groups in my area (Dallas, TX) that meet together.

    I will probably be going in September when the next meeting is. I have really felt the need for some sort of religious community, but couldn't bare to go to another christian church, nor other church that is theistic in nature. I also starting reading and posting at Another poster here had mentioned it, and I say thank know who you are.


    Has anyone else gone to a humanistic church?

    On another note...I found this site the other night

    They are a bit different...rather amusing. I think I will get one of their tshirts hahah.

  • peacefulpete

    Hey Eyebrow, My wife and I are nondeists with a love of the earth, it's people and nature so I guess that means we're Humanists. Neither of us feel a need for a church community however. Groups like the Spiritual Humanists (Yes I'm ordained too) fill a void some have when stepping out of the church circle but because they lack a ridgid belief system they never replace the illusion of unity or security a religious body gives it's members. What we all feel a need for is belonging and purpose. Belonging and purpose involve reaching out and getting involved. Finding a cause and community(local or international) and doing something to support it that involves your mind and body will soon fill the void. The best part is that although you share something in common with others, you do not have to insist upon conformity. We have real (tolerant) friends that have opinions about life and science that we don't share, and it's cool that we can still work together at achieving a goal.

  • talesin

    I am a (nonreligious) humanist, tho I prefer the term feminist.



  • SixofNine

    The term humanist covers my personal philosophy pretty well.

  • vitty

    All I know about humanists is that they like to be cremated in cardboard coffins !!!!

    I know im sad.

  • kid-A

    Member in good standing of the Toronto Humanist League !!

  • Eyebrow2

    Ahhh cool beans...thanks for replying all.

    I don't think I will ever be able to shake the need for a "community". I have accepted it hahah.

    Do you ever feel like you want to share your views with others, or just wait until someone asks about what your faith is?

    Just curious...I would like to be active in the community at some point...maybe do one of those adopt a road thing, and have a sign up that says This part of the road is adopt by the local humanist group...yadda yadda.

    I am sharing what I have learned and read with my youngers sister, and my son, but I haven't really (well except for here of course) felt the urgency to "spread" it.

  • peacefulpete

    Just some opinions.....

    We did some events with the Sierra Club (meetings and camping) before we moved and met some great kind hearted and dedicated folks. The group now meets over an hour away so that has kinda fizzled. We traveled to California and met some from the Skeptic Society and enjoyed that immensely. We went to a public antheist/theist debate but were very disappointed with the hostility from both sides. I let the speaker from the "Freedom From Religion Foundation" know what I felt and how the audience around us left simply galvanized in their previous views. The college where my wife attends has a local group of humanists headed up by the philosphy professor. I was similarly disappointed with the combative spirit of most of the members. They seemed to welcome my input and I hope to balance the group with our experiences from the 'other side' of the issues. When school resumes I'll try to continue with them. My wife works with a local Roots and Shoots group (humanitarian and environmental group founded by Jane Goodall) where, among other things, she visits grade schools and does short lectures and games that teach. We have also worked with a local peace group, though most have become demoralized and the meetings have become irregular. This was an interesting experience working with aging hippies and high school hippy wanta be's, our influence was appreciated and I believe productive. While we didn't agree on many things these folks were truly exemplary in tolerence and open mindedness. I was honored with rowing the boat around a lake pulling the hundreds of peace lanterns local children had made for Peace Day. We grew from these experiences. We made friends and we felt purposeful. I have never yet attended a Unitarian church but considering it this fall, not so much for the community but so as to meet interesting individuals. There has just started a new group wanting to sponser programs like sending aid to foreign students etc. Just decide to try new things and new ways of living and immerse yourself for a while.

  • rebel8

    Have you visited this site, Eyebrow? They have a chapter in TX. This group seems to have a lot more athiest leanings than the other group.

    There is nothing near me. I would be willing to try it out if there was, but I'm really hesitant to join anything after my experience with the wts.

  • katiekitten

    My uncle Tom had a humanist ceremony, and it was the most sensitive life affirming funeral I have ever been to. It inspired me to look into Humanism, and I would like to train as a humanist registrar.

    I have only been in my career as a teacher for a year, so am still on a fairly steep learning curve, but once my job getes easier, I will look into it again. I definately want a humanist funeral. And maybe my partner would let me have a humanist marriage too. Im going to investigate.

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