Wonderful Whimsical Sayings Said To You After You Left The Borg...

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  • acadian

    Three elders sitting on my couch talking about research and spirituality.

    "So what, you think you've graduated beyond us, and you think were in kindergarden spiritaully ?"

    I said: "those are your words not mine, but it seems to be so by your actions."

  • Nikita

    What a bunch of asinine statements! And they think they can win us back with such drool??????????

    Hugs to all --as I know that even though we can make light of what they said, it still can cut like a knife.


  • kid-A

    "How can you give this up....this is your CULTURE!!!!"

    not joking....this was actually said to me.... I almost hurled....

  • unbeliever

    When I first left: "You can't be happy without Jehovah and his people."

    8 years later: "The only reason you are happy is because of Satan."

  • Low-Key Lysmith
    Low-Key Lysmith

    My dad when I was DF'd-"There is a dead man standing in front of me."

    My mom and my grandma both-"you're as good as dead"

    It's funny, for someone who's supposed to be dead, I've never felt more alive.

  • Gretchen956

    I remember when I was a teenager in a rebellious snit I told my mom I had no desire to be in the new order. She then jumped on the armegeddon bandwagon so I said to her, "well if armegeddon comes I'll just commit suicide." She said, "Jehovah won't let you commit suicide, he will kill you and he will let you know he's killing you for not serving him."

    When I left for good after the gossip, back-biting, and lack of love drove me out, two elders came to call on me (about 2 years later after I quit going). I explained to them what had happened to me and the first thing out of the idiot's mouth was the dog and vomit comment. To give the other guy credit he did say to me, "I wasn't there at the time but you have my sincere apology for the way you were treated." When the vomit comment was made I just made that phhffffttt/hmmmpppfff sound, couldn't help it, came right on out there. I was thinking --yea thats gonna make me wanna come back.

    My parents, of course were still spouting all the fear-mongering reasons for serving that loving god of theirs. Since I never df'd or da'd they did talk to me (or should I say sermonize to me) right up until they came to visit me and met my girlfriend. They never talk to me now. What a relief.

    Those wacky zany witnesses! Gotta love-em!


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