Wonderful Whimsical Sayings Said To You After You Left The Borg...

by TresHappy 35 Replies latest jw friends

  • Wolfgirl

    When I asked my sister how she could play 'happy family' with my father, knowing what he did to me, she said: "We've already lost one family member. We're not losing another. You're dead to us now." *checks vital signs* Nope...still living.

  • Gill


    Sometimes you don't know whether to laugh or to cry. All a sad reflection on the intellectual capacity of the average JW!

  • kwintestal

    "Well, you know what I have to do." Click (hangs up telephone on Kwin)


  • Sirona

    "You'll be laughing on the other side of your face when Armageddon comes"

    My mother(JW), addressed to my step dad (nonJW) regarding me : "Get that bitch out of this house, I never want to see her again"

    "Do you know why you don't believe in the "Truth" anymore? Because Jehovah took his spirit away from you"

    "You were a nice person when you used to go to the hall"

  • mrsjones5

    "You know it's the Troof"

  • Valis

    it felt like someone in the family died when you left...

  • FlyingHighNow

    Stop taking the easy way out.

    Stop following the path of least resistence and return to Jehovah before it's too late.

    We will change our phone numbers, e-mail addresses and return without opening, any letters you send. You are not welcome in our lives. We want you out.

  • GentlyFeral


    "I'm too spiritually weak to allow myself to associate with you."

    Holy sht -- that's something I would have said myself!

    gently feral

  • TresHappy

    Flying High Now,

    I am so sorry to hear the evil heaped upon you. Really I am sorry to hear about all the evil that the Borg has done. I did this thread because my sister (not a JW) reminded me of what Dad had said to me when I enrolled in night school. I had not forgotten, just put it out of my head. My sister says now Dad is encouraging all his grandkids to go to college!

  • Cygnus

    It makes me sad to see how you guys were treated - by family, no less. The day I got DF'd my JW mom told me, "Nothing will change, we love you more than ever."

    As I've mentioned before, a certain elder at my judicial hearing said to me, "It'll be a real hardship for your parents not to be able to talk to you." To which I essentially said, If you think they're going to follow that bullshit rule you've got another thing coming.

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