Ever feel embarrassed when buying condoms?

by tsunami_rid3r 60 Replies latest jw friends

  • tsunami_rid3r

    i dont know if i could do it, it'd almost be like buying tampons.

  • JH

    It's not worse than buying glycerine suppositories for constipation.

  • ballistic

    For god's sake, do you need our permission for everything?

  • Nosferatu

    Why should I be embarrassed? I'm letting the whole world know that I'M GETTIN' SOME!!!!

  • just fine
    just fine

    Only bought them twice. Once my first "worldy" friend took me to Target to help me buy some. It was embarrassing but not as bad as the second. The second time my now husband was coming back from a military assignment and I went to the grocery store on the way to the airport. I thought I would be slick and go to the self checkout (where there are no checkers, you just scan the items and put it in the bag yourself.) When I scanned the condoms, it set the aisle light flashing - signaling I needed help. I nearly died of embarassment that time, I didnt even buy anything else to sandwhich it with because I didnt count on the needing the clerks help .

  • Es

    LOL@ just fine heheh thats cute. I get a little embarrased when i have had to buy them but it would never stop me from buying them....would much rather have sex than embarrasment es

  • Cygnus

    Why would it be embarassing? Clerks really don't care what you buy, as long as you don't pay them in all pennies.

  • horrible life
    horrible life

    I found several different brands on the mark-down rack at Walmart 2 weeks ago. Yes, they have expiration dates, they were all very much in date. I bought several boxes of 12, for $1.00 each. Didn't bother me at all. My teenage daughter was mortified though. HL

  • damselfly

    Just buy the XXL size and grin like a fool while checking out.


  • damselfly

    Better then telling the folks you knocked a one night stand up. Buy the condoms.


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