You stinking BULLY!!!

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  • hibiscusfire

    Cynus: Ehh.. I got bullied a few times in high school. 'Til I stood up to the bully, and he never bothered me again.

    Now if someone was bullying someone I love, family, friends, or caty, somehow I doin't think I'd be as passive about it.

    Oh yeah what did you do to this bully if you don’t mind me asking?

    And you protect your loved ones? Caty….your cat?


  • hibiscusfire

    Hellrider: Kids can be so cruel. It`s survival of the meanest, unfortunately: Bully or be bullied.

    So you became a bully because you were bullied. Human nature I guess. I’m sure deep down it’s not you and that’s not what you wanted to do. But are you still a bully? I hope not. Wouldn’t it be better if you try not to be like a bully for your own happiness and peace of mind?

    People and kids really can be so mean and heartless. Bullies are unhappy people who want to make happy nice people bitter and sad. It’s not worth being like them. It will make you no better. I think instead to try and be nice to people and avoid those stinking bullies.


  • hibiscusfire

    Valis: What? You mean to tell me hibiscus you didn't respect the bully after you got beat up? Tsk tsk, obviously the bully didn't spare the rod quite enough...

    I didn’t get beat up dingaling. I did get a lot of bad odors coming out from her mouth and body anytime she was near though.


  • hibiscusfire

    Dan the Man: One of the kids bullied me really bad, I was scared to death of him, he would come up to me in the locker room and literally scream at me that he was going to kill me and shit like that. Later on in high school he always seemed to make an effort to be nice to me, I wonder if he felt guilty or something.

    I hated middle school. Lol

    I hated my primary school. Who knows maybe he did feel guilty or maybe he change his lifestyle….God alone knows. I think some parents don’t know what really goes on with their children at school.


  • RichieRich

    Me and Delilah have similar experiences.

    I was bullied from Kindergarten to the beginning of the eigth grade. Then I learned how to defend myself, and hit back harder.

    Now, mainly because of my size and reputation, I don't get crap from anyone, with the exception of the occasional person.

    I do keep an eye for those in distress.

    My personal pet peeve is those who mistreat the ladies. If I see you getting feely / mouthy with a young lady, whether I know you or not, I will end it.

    So, really, like Delilah, I bully the bullies. Kinda like the comic book character "the Punisher".

  • hibiscusfire

    Terry: I almost think I created a vacuum around me that sucked the bully into my world.

    I too sometimes felt like that.

    My self-esteem was so low when I was young I'd take it until I cried like a girl.

    I think that bully was jealous of you. No doubt.

    One day it all ended. Quite by accident.

    I discovered I had a terrible temper! The school bully jumped on my back on the playground and started trying to ride me around like I was a mule. This time it made me so angry I lost my temper.

    It scared the bully shitless! He never bothered me again. I discovered righteous rage! I learned to slide from fear to anger and self-defense became an option.

    That sounds like a movie…unreal. The dirty pig!!! Yes and rage could make you do wonders…and we have to be careful to be in control still.

    Then I became a Jehovah's Witness and once again I was the target for bullying! I brought it on myself with my crazy religious practices and refusal to be normal. But, at least I told myself it was for a righteous cause. I replaced righteous rage with righteous piety and an inflated ego!

    You get to trade places with the bully and become a BULLY FOR JEHOVAH. Take that! You worthless goat!

    A bully for God!!!! When people tell me I’m crazy I say “I’m crazy about Jesus”. I know God said be wise a serpent yet harmful as a dove. So I don’t think God would want us to get beat up…people got to stand up for what is right. And you are so poetic and have a lot of potential….no wonder you were a vacuum for bullies…jealously is a hell of a thing!!!


  • mrsjones5


    I didnt believe her either, her answers seemed to pat when she said she couldnt remember. Did you notice how she tried to turn the tables and gain some sympathy by saying she had a lot of problems in high school too?


  • Elsewhere

    Nothing like cracking a bully in the back of the legs with a bat to make 'em leave you alone.

    Dumbass always walked home the same way.

  • hibiscusfire

    Luna2: I always hated blood or violence...couldn't watch it on tv, couldn't look at ugly pictures or photos of it, so the part about dead bodies and birds pecking eyes out and junk was something I was deeply dreading

    I hate to watch wrestling and boxing …I think that is yucky. I get grossed out with ugly pictures too.

    Bullies pay for their deeds sooner or later. God sees everything. God takes care of His children.


  • hibiscusfire

    Proph: Sam The Sham And The Pharaohs WOOLY BULLY (Domingo Samudio)

    Wha????? Woooooly buuuuulyyyy??


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