At 5$ a gallon for gas, will you modify your driving habits?

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  • willyloman

    To paraphrase a popular bumper sticker:

    "They can have my car when they pry it from my cold, dead hands."

    Californians love their cars!

  • Ingenuous

    When it hits $3, I'm going to start walking (asthma, schmasthma), taking the bus, carpooling.

    If I could afford a hybrid vehicle, I could afford to pay $3 - $5 a gallon...

  • roybatty
    Roy, not all states have it as a % of gas price. In Oregon taxes are still about 30cents per gallon.

    You're right Brenda, I spoke before having all the facts. I should have stated "the politicians in Illinois love it (the price going up) becase Illinois collects a percentage of the price." And it has been a great source of increased revenue. As a matter of fact, last year alone, the gov. of Illinois diverted 500 million dollars from the roads and highway fund (gas tax revenue) and used it for other expenses. Nice way to balance the budget.

  • Rayvin

    I just bought a Van and its $40 to fill up and that was before it became $2.50 a gallon.

    I don't visit my folks as much. Used to see them once a week now its gonna be more like.. once a month.

    Luckily my kids live across from the school and they can walk. And my husband drives all day but his job pays for his gas and so if I need stuff at the store I just get him to go for me.

    If gas was $5 a gallon.. geez.. I would invest in a good bike or moped..something.

  • FlyingHighNow

    I never had horrible driving habits. The only thing we used to do, that was a waste of gas, was to drive about 8 miles into the country to a park and then for icecream. We liked the scenery and freshair. Sometimes you just need to do that. We went every couple of weeks, on a short country drive. Now? We don't do it. Work is about five miles away. Groceries, etc. are closer.

    I am about to drive my grandsons out to Connecticut. That's 950 miles away. This is a completely necessary trip. I figure it will cost me close to $90 in gas one way.

  • CountryGuy

    I also have already altered my driving habits.

    -I do not go faster than 60 on the interstate, I'm sure that irritates some of the leadfoots behind me, but they can pass.
    -JH's tips were right on the money, be sure to use them.
    -I have organized a carpool at my company for the people that live in my town and have to drive to Little Rock. Trust me, it's very easy to organize one. Even if you only have two people in it, it will cut your trips in half.
    -Hell, I even buy my gas from Wal-Mart (UGH! That KILLS me.) so I can get their 3 cent a gallon discount
    -I learned this from the CBS Early Show this week: Go ahead and run your air conditioning. Rolling down your windows creates a drag on the car and burns the same amount of gas as you would by running the a/c.

    I drive a Cavalier and have to take it into Little Rock about two times a week. Filled it up last Sunday and I still have half a tank.
    Wayne drives an Aspire that gets GREAT gas mileage. He drives it back and forth to work everyday. Thank goodness he works in town, so it's only a 5 mile round trip. I filled it up the Saturday before last and he still has a 1/4 tank.

    Just a personal opinion here... the government isn't going to do anything about high oil prices as long as the president has such close ties to the oil industry. So, it's up to us to do what we can to get through this without having to sell a kidney.


  • mrsjones5

    I just heard hybrid cars (especially in California) are hard to come by now cuz of the high gas prices. car dealers cant keep them on their lots

  • FlyingHighNow
    So, it's up to us to do what we can to get through this without having to sell a kidney.


    Love your wit there, Country.

    America is a big place, and it's set up to need to drive cars. Our whole economy is based on needing to be able to drive to get what you need or to work, in most places. It makes you wonder if the Prez really wants to see our economy come to a grinding hault.

    All great empires eventually come to pass. It's interesting that it might be very high fuel prices that end up bringing the US to its knees.

    Be careful not to gloat too much. What goes around, comes around.

    One thing to keep in mind, England is roughly the size of the state of Alabama. So, even if your loved ones live at the opposite end of the place, you don't have that far to drive. Here, our families can live a couple of thousand of miles away.

  • Valis

    If everyone drove motorcycles this wouldn't be such a problem...

  • FlyingHighNow
    If everyone drove motorcycles this wouldn't be such a problem...

    That's going to be kind of scary when your toddlers are driving motorcycles so your family can get around.

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