At 5$ a gallon for gas, will you modify your driving habits?

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  • donkey

    lol....and I was laughed at when I made these predictions and Oil was $30 a barrel....where are the idiots who disagreed now?

    At any rate i hope it goes to $10 a gallon and it hurts like hell. Then the US will DO something about alternatives and we will remove dependence on the middle east and they can go and pound sand and kill each other because we won't need them any longer.


  • lonelysheep

    I'm thinking of getting a corolla next year when my current lease on the SUV runs out. Before this summer, it usually costs $25 to fill up the Escape, but yesterday, with still 1/4 tank in there, I paid $35! So that's now $70 a week on gas. Can't do it.

  • EvilForce

    I only drive 10,000 miles per year....given my car gets 20 mpg all around that's only 500 gallons.

    500 x $ 1.5 is $ 750 per year
    500 x $ 3.0 is $1500 per year
    500 x $ 4 is $ 2000 per year

    So from lowest to highest swing in gas prices it's only $100 more a month. Between hubby and I our gas / utilities budget is less than 5% of our incomes. But it does hurt folks like my parents who are trying to retire and these big gas bills makes it harder for them to go out in service....too bad eh?

  • under74

    only $100 more a month EF? Wow....oh...right, you're a doctor.

  • doofdaddy

    I drive a new Honda that gets something like 50 miles to the gallon. We measure in litres here(australia). I've been out of the countryfor a month and it has gone up 20c a litre!!!

    Gotta have a car though as it's a big country here.

  • Momofmany

    I used to have a van, and we got 7 miles per gallon. I now have a suburban, and we get 17 MPG. With my family, we need a big vehicle, but I'm thinking of getting a second car for times I don't need to take the whole gang with me. I filled up yesterday, and it was $115 for a tank of gas. (I have a 42 gallon tank)

  • confusedjw

    Hell yes it will modify my driving habits and it will shape what I can spend on other things as a certain amount of driving has to be done.

  • Truth2Me

    I have to pay premium grade for my sportcar, and since the price went over $2 I've gone from 70mph in the fast lane to going only 50mph in the slow lane to make up for the difference in fuel costs.

    It stinks because I love to drive fast, but I look on the bright side, it's safer this way, I'm saving money, and I don't have to always be worried above getting a speeding ticket.

  • M.J.

    I'm gonna start biking to work everyday I guess. I live in a pretty bike-friendly type of place.

  • JH

    There are ways to make a better mileage per gallon. You make a much better mileage per gallon when it's warm out, because gas burns better than in the winter when it's cold.

    A) Keep your tires well inflated ( about 32 lbs psi for cars)

    B) If you have a cruise controle, it saves gas on the highway because you stay at constant speeds

    C) Accelerate slowly instead of pressing the gas pedal down to the floor just to get to the next stop sign.

    D) Make sure your air filter is clean and change oil regularly, and make regular tune ups.

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