At 5$ a gallon for gas, will you modify your driving habits?

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  • JH

    This morning in Quebec city the gas was at $1.10 a litre

  • Black Man
    Black Man

    Whatever happened to the electric car? If gas hit $5 a gallon, I'd start to seriously protest something..........

  • Krystal

    Montreal and surrounding areas changes from about 96/L to 116/L depending where u fill up...

    It sucks! I am so glad my baby and I have an 2004 Echo Hatchback RS... I have a 45L tank which on average costs 45$ to fill but can take us almost 750km before I have to fill it again! Glad we didn't get an SUV!

  • liquidsky

    I only drive about 3 miles to work. I suppose if worse came down worse I'd walk to work. At this point, I only put gas in my Jetta once a month so its not killing me financially. I hate to see people driving hummers and SUV's to tote thier kids around, and then complain about the price of gas.

    But still I hate paying $2.70 a gallon. I remember when gas was $.89 a gallon.

  • JH

    I took my father's Toyota Camry this morning and the gas needle was between half and three quarters, so I decided to fill it up, and it cost 33$ . Imagine if the tank would have been empty.

  • Krystal
    Whatever happened to the electric car?

    The Smart Car:

    Average consumption over 100 km is just 4,2 litres (combined).

    Come on, it is cute... :-)

    Toyota Prius

    half electric "hybrid" car...

    FUEL ECONOMY L/100 Km (mpg)

    Fuel Consumption Rating


    4.0/4.2 (71/67)

    And my personal fav:

    Lexus RX 400H

    The world's first hybrid SUV!!

    Performance Technology

    Hybrid Synergy Drive

    Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (SULEV)

    Fuel Capacity litres (gal.) 65 (14.3)
    Fuel Consumption - City/Highway L/100km 7.5 / 8.1
    Fuel Consumption - City/Highway mpg 38 / 35

    Honda makes one too, although I am not a big Honda fan... just know that there are more fuel efficent options out there!!

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