What's Your View of Spanking (Children)?

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  • GoingGoingGone

    I admit that I have spanked my kids, but only on a couple of occasions. They were quite young at the time, and the 'spanking' consisted of a swat on a diapered behind. The aim was never to inflict pain, really, just to bring home the fact that I was very serious and they needed to obey. (One occasion was the time my daughter ran into the busy street, after being told to stay next to me as I put the baby in his car seat.) Any time they were 'swatted', they howled as if they were in agony and had a broken heart.... They got the point. After one or two episodes of that, all it would usually take was a stern voice or look from me, and they would obey.

    I never hit them when they got older, because it wasn't necessary, and because I felt that it was demeaning and thus defeated the purpose as discipline.

    They are teenagers now, and they're great kids, if I do say so myself....


  • Insomniac

    My stepfather was a firm believer in discipline. He used to hit me with a belt, with his fists, with pieces of lumber. One time he choked me until I passed out. He broke fingers and toes as punishment. He held my hand over an open flame until my fingerprints melted off. He punched me in the face and broke my nose. When the neighbors complained about the screaming, he told them I'd been bratty and was being spanked. They accepted his word on that. When I finally told the elders about the abuse, they advised me that a man has a right to hit his kids, according to the bible.

    Therefore, when I hear about people hitting their kids, I have zero tolerance. Maybe it starts out as a swat on the fanny, but where do you draw the line?

    By the way, it's illegal to hit military personnel and prisoners, in the U.S. Why, then, is it still legal to hit a small child one-third your size? It's wrong and it's stupid and it's ineffective. It should be outlawed.

  • Seeking Knowledge
    Seeking Knowledge

    I have a 16 year old I rarely had to dicipline, who to this day asks me to do things "Mom can I go here, there, wherever" etc. If she's going somewhere and her plans change, she calls me. If I tell her no, she'll grumble but she accepts it. She causes me no problems for the most part Good kid....

    On the other hand I have a 4 year old who is the polar opposite of his sister. He runs from me, does things he doesn't want to do, acts out, screams at times and I have spanked him. It doesn't work...what DOES work is a time out. He HATES that more than anything and when I threaten him with the time out chair, he straightens right up. Doesn't do me any good to spank him....I tell him what he did wrong & he's at the age now he's beginning to understand his behaviour is not acceptable...pretty good kid

    When I was growing up, I watched my aunt make my cousin go pick his "switch" then watch him get the crap beat out of him. No one stopped her, it wasn't heard of. I was mortified...he was a monster, but I don't believe he deserved that much!! She also made him eat soap, I never understood that..so I tried to be somewhere else when Auntie got upset with the cousin.

    Some kids need it, some don't...


  • lola28

    Whose children ? Honestly where I work I see so many parents that can not control their children. They run, they scream they leave gum on the carpet and nothing happens to them. So I am not opposed to someone spanking their child if that is the only way to get the child to behave.


  • Es

    I think theres a time and a place, if you repeatedely have to tell them to stop and they dont then a smack is in order as long as you dont go overboard, I havnt had to smack my son for a while i just tend to put him in his room more now as that works better than a smack es

  • FlyingHighNow

    In the state of Michigan, an open hand on a bottom, not done in anger is not considered abuse. They consider spanking with anything other than an open hand abusive. I tried not to spank my grandsons this summer, but you know, sometimes nothing else works as good well as a spanking.

  • John Doe
    John Doe
    Aslap on the hand or bum is not, in my mind , necessarily wrong but it may be against the law.

    Ha ha, you must not be from Arkansas. Corporal punishment is still practiced in most public schools here. Like any punishment, there is a right and wrong way to do it. Child abuse depends more on the parent than the mode of punishment used. I was spanked as a child, and I did NOT grow up to be a violent person. When I was spanked, I knew damned good and well why I was being spanked, and I never associated it with violence. To say that spanking always breeds violence is a rather narow-minded and arrogant view to take. I've been in a total of 3 physical fights in my life--all started by the other guy, and all in jr. high school.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Also, I believe punishiment should be taylor fit for each child. Some children will not respond well to corporal punishment--some will. We all have different personalities, and we all respond to different things.

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