What's Your View of Spanking (Children)?

by minimus 83 Replies latest jw friends

  • hibiscusfire

    If you don’t spank children and correct them they’ll grow up disrespectful!!! Hibiscus

  • minimus

    Why must you spank them to discipline them???

  • lonelysheep

    Although it's not often that I have to, I've spanked them and will in the future if ever the situation arises.

    This is what I'm talking about:

    My only rule is that if the child disobeys me and puts themself in danger then a spanking may soon follow.
  • Gill

    I prefer the deprivation of a favourite pass time method of discipline.

    Spanking is a waste of effort.

    If I tell you I have two very well behaved 13 year old boys, you might like to know my secret. Well, if they're naughty, shout, bite, kick, hit, smack, nasty, mean, name calling etc I give them a computer ban. Depending on how naughty they are it can last from one day to two weeks. I control their computer play to 1 hour each a day which means playing on the computer is a treat. When the treat is taken away....he, he, they soon know Moma rules!!! They KNOW I mean business and even their older brother daren't go over his computer time limit,,,,I threaten to cut his plugs off.....he knows I mean it. He discovered a few years ago that playing music TOO loud was not a good idea when the plugs went missing from his sound system! Am I evil or what?!

    I've just started the same method on their six year old sister. It's working! So far....

  • kls

    I have 4 children that are all grown adults and they were all spanked when needed, and i would feel the sameway if i had to do it again.

  • hibiscusfire

    Minimus: Why must you spank them to discipline them???

    "The Bible says it is good to correct….spare the rod and spoil the child."

    Because they will think it’s ok to do something wrong. Some children do not listen.

    Babies don’t understand so give them a little tap on the hand.

    Corporal punishment in the school is essential only if it’s not abuse.


  • Gill

    Hibiscusfire - The Bible also says that if a woman doesn't scream, she wasn't raped and so she can be stoned to death. You don't have to listen to every bit of crap that eminates from that book.

    Also, a lot of children do not respond to smacking, either. Do we then take them out and stone them to death as the bible also recommends. THINK!

  • mrsjones5

    I dont like to spank...it hurts my hand And I have never spanked my babies, there is no point to doing that.

  • hibiscusfire

    Also, a lot of children do not respond to smacking, either. Do we then take them out and stone them to death as the bible also recommends. THINK!

    Gill you think….there is a difference between just spanking and spanking with love. You spank a child and tell them why. When they are finished crying or sulking you go baby them up and say something like I love you still you know…be a good boy/girl. Hibiscus

  • littlerockguy

    I was spanked when I was a kid growing up; didn't leave emotional scars and more thank likely I needed it; At least my parents did discipline me when I needed it instead of ignoring me if I done something I shouldn't have. However I dont believe it should be the only form of discipline. I believe in spankings and I dont care what that quack Benjamine Spock had to say about it.

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