The 144,000 and the Great Crowd of Revelation

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  • jonathan dough
    jonathan dough
    Why don't you post a Directory on the goofy ideas of the Fundamentalists and Evangelicals.
    Fair for the goose is fair for the gander, or with you guys is it a case of Sauce for the goose is Terrible for the gander.

    I intend to. I hope to provide links to "Christendom" and for Jews like yourself a link to online Judaism resources. I also provide pro-jw links as well at the new Directory, and even something for deluded atheists. Hope you find it useful. Here is the link again and thanks for your interest.


    Witness for the Truth

  • sabastious

    Amazing writeup! It answered a lot of questions for me.


  • Listener

    Wow Leolia, I've started reading through but will print it off to read much more closely. Your writing style here is probably the best you have written, at least for me personally. I am finding it so easy to follow.

    Thank you for providing such informative and well thought out reasonings.


    I don't understand half of what you wrote. Will you conduct a study with me? I love smart girls!!! LOL!!!

    You..are a girl...right???

  • *lost*

    Bumping this for study .. thanks

  • Apognophos


  • garyneal
    This major doctrine, so idiosyncratic to the JWs, results from an eisegesis methodology which imposes a conceptual frame onto a text rather than discovering from the context what concepts are expressed therein. A little reflection can show how eisegesis is the usual approach taken by the WTS in interpreting Revelation.

    Hmmm, sounds like an intellectual way of saying, "Rutherford made the sh#t up to account for the number of his flock exceeding 144,000 and imposed that on the text rather than reading the text in context."

  • prologos

    Thank you the Big L.

    the new covenant just discussed (or not) at the memorial, promises to have all that "in our hearts, Minds".

    Could someone please put a grit of each 5st line in front of that important text of L's?, so we can identify for all what point is the discussion refering to. (this is used in patent practise)

    perhaps this way we can come to some sort of consensus what each of these entities mean, and should be retained in our minds.

    Thank you, from the overwhelmed

  • Crazyguy

    Damn this Girl or person knows some stuff, anyone have a overview of what she/he said, to long but good.

  • besty

    bttt for noobs - 7500 page views on the thread :-)

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