Ever go to a meeting DRUNK?

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  • DannyBloem


    One of the first times I was drunk, was when I was still schooling, and living with my parents. Me and another brother went to a late saturday night party that was organised by some studen girls. We both did drink really to much, so much that he could not drive back home but had one of the others who had no car drive us back.
    On the drive home I trew up in his car, and on my clothes.

    It was already late when going home. After coming home I did not want to show to my parents that I had been drinking, and my dirty clothes would surely give me away. So I decided you wash myself and my clothes in the high fountain, in the middle of the plaza, close to our house. A lot of people must have seen me, doing this probably, but I was too intoxicated to think very logically.

    Of course the clothes had to try, and it took longer then expected. After throwing up in the fountain again, and waiting a long time, the clothes were still not really dry, but it was getting more light, the dawn was breakin, so I headed home and sneaked into the house.

    Not to long after this we start preparing to go to the meeting, and I did not want my parents to notice, so I dressed for the meeting and went. I think my parents must have known something in retrospect.
    Anyway I was still not feeling very clear, and there I was in the meeting, so was the other brother I came with the last day. We smiled at each other ad I never brought up the subject about what state his car must have been in.

    I don't think anybody in the hall noticed, even though me and my buddy had to use the bathroom, more frequently then normal.


  • tsunami_rid3r

    back in the good old days i did microphones with a hangover

  • LouBelle

    I have gone to the meeting a bit tipsy - one year the meeting fell on new years....do you think they'd pospone the meeting to another day --- oh no - I had a few glasses of bubbly before the meeting, laughed a lot during the talks and then went out and had a hellofa party.

  • jaredg

    one time i went to the meeting with the worst hangover ever. i threw up in the bathroom a couple of times and then told my parents i was sick and needed to go home. they let me have the car keys and they got a ride home with some friends. i threw up again when i got home and then went to bed and slept for 4 hours. that day sucked balls!

  • stevenyc

    What's it like being stoned at a meeting? Well, I wouldn't recommend answering up. You think you've been speaking forever, when you haven't, and then you forget what you've been saying, because you've been paranoid that you've been speaking forever. Just got to remember to end with' how thankful we are for Jah and the FDS', and that should get you out of trouble.


  • Dimples

    No..but I know several who did. One brother you could smell the alcohol on his breath when he spoke, I often wondered how he got away with that. We had several alcoholics in our congregation.


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