Ever go to a meeting DRUNK?

by GetBusyLiving 45 Replies latest jw friends

  • ButtLight

    I had a few, but not drunk. I would like to though!

  • Ellie

    Yeah, I did once although I wasn't really really drunk, I'd had time to sober up a little but I'd been to an all night party and decided to go to the Sunday meeting after no sleep and still wearing my clothes from the night before, but nobody seemed to notice.

  • tetrapod.sapien

    yes. i even read at a bookstudy once after 3 martinis.

  • Legolas

    I was slightly crocked during the last memorial service I attended.

    I damn near drank the sacrificial wine.

    LMAO I wish you would of!!!!!

  • minimus

    I knew an elder, actually 2---that were either USUALLY feeling good at the meetings or clearly drunk. One was a PO who is still a functioning alcoholic that drinks nips---all day long!

  • GetBusyLiving

    I had a few shots of tequila with buddies before a Saturday morning bookstudy (we were heading out of town to camp afterwards).


  • misanthropic

    Yes towards the end of my meeting going days. My parents would come by my place on their way to meeting and guilt trip me into going. I decided to get drunk if I had to go, that was the only way I could be there. My mom said, "wow you really smell like alcohol!" and then they never stopped to get me before a meeting again.

  • stevenyc

    After an all-nighter, the next day I was on sound duty. Threw up in the bathroom a few times, and in the sound booth (just a little though).

    I went stoned a couple of times. Really impressed my mom, as I smiled all the way through.


  • Legolas
    I went stoned a couple of times

    Steven oh my gawd how was that??? I would to know.

  • littlerockguy

    "I went stoned a couple of times. Really impressed my mom, as I smiled all the way through."

    Oh, your deemonized now!!!

    I would have soooooo paranoid!!!!!

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