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    On this forum you'll only percieve him as he portrays himself, time to go beyond the looking glass and see for yourselves what "phony" attention monger he is

    Indeed, and let's not stop with Cygnus. Let's investigate all posters in this forum, I'm sure at least one or more of them are "phonies." Let's weed them out, I say! Burn 'em like a witch! Anyone posting here ought to be able to survive the scrutiny of the JWD judicial committee, right?

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    Your opaque net persona goes alot deeper than just a chatroom or a forum. And for those of you like Annie who can't see through him, check his posting history and see if that provides a little clarity. On this forum you'll only percieve him as he portrays himself, time to go beyond the looking glass and see for yourselves what "phony" attention monger he is.


    Since you singled me out as being a blind person with no sense of the reality of a given situation (which I am not, BTW), I "see" more in what you write and I have to wonder what is your problem?

    WHY does what we (or I) think about him, bother you so much?

    Why do you feel the need to keep harping on this and re-hashing whatever grandstanding you wish to do?

    You seem to have an extremely stubborn case of tunnel vision and can see only the ugliness under your own nose! You have your own measuring stick and I'm sure that you carry it everywhere you go---online and off. You must be one very unhappy person.

    Basically, if Caty has forgiven him, and we don't have a problem with him----then why should your opinion important to any of us?

    Your scorn and hatred of Jason sits with you and is your own problem. As you can see, your bitterness and anger sits in your miserable perception.

    Those who continually judge others (and strike out at them), will be held up to their own standards. Whatever judging that you are doing, you will be subject to that same level of judgement for the things that you are now doing. (or have done in your past).

    What is wrong with forgiving someone when they totally screw up, especially when they have admitted to screwing up? I really don't understand people that think as you do.....and I never hope to. I don't want to sink that low on the food chain.


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    sorry retro honey I dont see the jayne/cyg connection


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    **We all know what happened in the spring, okay? Being supportive in a specific situation, without condoning someone's actions in another, is entirely possible, and you will learn that as you grow into adulthood.

    Tal, this is so true. When someone admits that a bad mistake was made, and is trying to rectifiy it and see to it that it is never repeated----they need all the kindness and support that others are willing to give.

    AFA Ret's maturity level goes, there are some people that never achieve the next level, and others go far beyond their chronological age in this. I think it depends entirely on the individual. In Ret's case, I hope he outgrows his nasty cynicism and can learn to know when to "let go". He is and will continue to be a very "imprisoned-in-his-own-mind" person otherwise.

    ***I think some people, like Annie, post because they have a heart of gold and want to make even the smallest positive impact on someone's life.

    Jason, I thank you for the very kind sentiments and for that assessment! But I truly think that my feelings are based on what I personally see as fair play (or not). Ret is not being FAIR and that alone pushed my buttons. It's my biggest pet peeve----seeing people treated unfairly. Fortunately most posters can see through his seemingly unjustified anger and have said as much in their responses. We can rely on the good sense of those that realize that ALL of us make mistakes of all "sizes", and are doing the best we can to learn from them. What more can anyone ask?



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    Retro, if you don't care for someone here LEAVE ,really it is that simpleKeep your nasty feeling to yourself.

  • caty

    I don't want sympathy Retro, only respect. And I really REALLY don't want this to turn into a what happened here and on JWO in March. Firstly, there are so many more important things to be discussed, and I thank you for your interest and support, and the fun we always have being trolls on yahoo. But your timing sucks, and let's be honest, Cyg left yahoo, I think maybe the constant fighting had put him in a bad place. If you read his posts on here, they are to friends that he has known for years, that he reaches out to for support. We all need that don't you think? He just lost a dog Retro, we both did, but the difference is, I had 6 more really great months with Marly. Cyg has not had a good run of it lately, and everyone knows that. It borders on cruelty to kick someone when they're down. No, it is cruelty. Your hatred of Cyg pre-dates what had happened in March. And you were a big support to me during that time, so allow him his support too. And I KNOW you feel it is your duty to always speak your mind, you gotta pick the times to be empathetic though Ret. I wanted to post this in public because you too are not a bad person. And I don't want you to be known as that. You're usually a very sweet mild person, and I know what nerves are touched with you. So lay off Cyg, and maybe they'll lay off you, and things will just die down here ok? I'll see you back in chat once I get the firewall I need. Ta-ta.

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    Retrograderenegades Ok. I don't believe you're as new here as your screenname indicates.

    You are a rude S.O.B. I've known Cyn here for most of my time, and I've known Annie for just as long. Two of the nicest most loving caring folk on the board. Some of us need this place to vent what's happening in our lives. Sometimes life takes a bad turn and stays there for a while.

    Who the heck are you to judge! "Remove the rafter from your own eye".

    If you don't like what Cygnus or Annie or others write, don't read it.

    Auntie Brenda

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    Oh, this is just unseemly. Retro, if you have an issue with Cygnus, act like an adult and take it up via pm. It's in incredibly poor taste to air this stuff publicly, and what's more, most of us don't care to hear all this crap. I don't know you or Cygnus personally, but he's already posted about the loss of his dog, and it seems the guy is genuinely hurting. Can you not, please, lay off him for a bit, or at least quit trying to publicly trash him?

    Once again, pm's are the most mature way to handle this stuff.

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