The perception of "net" persona's

by Retrograderenegades 24 Replies latest jw friends

  • avishai

    Uhhh, Yeah, coming on here just to bash a poster is total bs. This is JWD, not the "Let's bash cygnus board." Either contribute something or go away.

  • Retrograderenegades

    Oh Annie, don't you see I'm not really an asshole it's all just an "act" . And Brenda whether you believe it or not this is a new name, but if you choose to be ignorant that's your prerogative.

  • EvilForce

    Hmmmm.....I've now read the JWC, JWD, and JWO versions of what has happened since you (Cyg & Caty) have chosen to post this for all the world to see. Let's just say I feel sickened by the events that were described blow by blow on these boards.

    Save the drama for your mama. Nuff said.

    EvilForce shakes head in disgust and walks out of room

  • caty

    Chosen to post this? You have got to be kidding me. I didn't want any of this posted. Nor brought back up again on any board.

  • caty

    And I never said a word on any board about taking Cygnus back. I neither confirmed nor denied. I am in therapy, and I am working with my therapist on MY anger issues and forgiveness of myself and others. At this point in my life I am only concerned with me and my health. When the time comes, I will take a look at Cygnus to see if he is healthy and able to be in a relationship. Any other speculation on anyone's part, is just that, speculation......Cygnus comments that we MAY be married someday. That is providing we are both in good mental health. I'm not a stranger to violence or alcohol abuse. I was a mixed up girl, which NO, didn't give him the right to hit me, so before the words get twisted, that is not what I am saying. THAT is what I am working on. For me. So I can live a good life despite whatever Cyg chooses to do. I love Cygnus, but if he isn't healthy then I will just love him from a 300 mile distance. And to tell you the truth, before I got therapy, I was a bit desperate to work things out immediately with Cygnus, and to his credit he told me he was still too sick to be involved. He nor I want to rush back into any living arrangement. Nor do we want to see each other until much later.

    I came to the decision to forgive Cygnus because harboring hatred and anger is not anything that pays off.

    And where did this "Caty had a concussion and a bloody nose" rumor get started? AGAIN, like I did on JWO in March, which I regret and will end up regretting this I am sure, but I feel an obligation for everyone to have their facts straight. I had a black eye, and a fractured right lower rib. I will take responsibility for where I was wrong. I began drinking again after moving to Buffalo after 4 years sober. I hit Cygnus. I failed myself. I did sick sick things like depend on a man for my life. Hell will freeze over before that ever happens again. And now that I have said my peace, say yours, and let's be done with it.

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