The perception of "net" persona's

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  • Retrograderenegades

    O.k. since it seems people have trouble with percieving the transparency of others, I thought the idea of a "thread" for this was dy-no-mite! (not only that but I also have a knack for mischief). Anyway...Cyg have you won the Oscar yet . You seem to live your role. Now, I have sympathy for Caty, but I will never have any for you. Cyg you are literally the male equivalent of Jayne (for those of you who don't know that's an inside thing). Your opaque net persona goes alot deeper than just a chatroom or a forum. And for those of you like Annie who can't see through him, check his posting history and see if that provides a little clarity. On this forum you'll only percieve him as he portrays himself, time to go beyond the looking glass and see for yourselves what "phony" attention monger he is.

  • Ms. Whip
    Ms. Whip

    haha silly apostate. we are all attention mongers. whether we play the victim (ahem) or the attacker (ahem). where there is blood, there is someone who will go in for the kill. you both are intelligent guys and are both getting something out of the banter or you wouldn't be doing it.

  • talesin

    We all know what happened in the spring, okay? Being supportive in a specific situation, without condoning someone's actions in another, is entirely possible, and you will learn that as you grow into adulthood.


  • Cygnus

    I think some people, like Annie, post because they have a heart of gold and want to make even the smallest positive impact on someone's life. Others post because they're in love with the Net equivalent of 'the sound of their own voice' or they just get off on voicing their opinion. I think I'm somewhere in-between. Edited to fix a (what I consider) a grievous spelling error (I typed "their" instead of "they're).

  • EvilForce

    um....must have happened before Evil dropped in and started posting like a madman eh Taley?

  • FlyingHighNow
    we are all attention mongers.

    I agree. Who doesn't want to be heard, validated, liked and loved?

  • sonnyboy

    Wow, this Cyg sounds like one horrible bastard. There should be a special place in Hell for someone like this. I'm appalled.

    Thanks for giving us this uber-vague description, Retro. Maybe I'll be able to sleep better tonight knowing this important information.

  • unclebruce

    If the "cyg" you refer to is my ol' sparing partner cygnuts - he's ok (a little vain and anal about grammer and such is all

    uncle net persona

  • the_classicist
    Thanks for giving us this uber-vague description, Retro. Maybe I'll be able to sleep better tonight knowing this important information.

    Lol, sonnyboy

    I'm still confused about this whole thing and it probably isn't good to bring personal disputes onto a public forum.

  • sonnyboy
    I'm still confused about this whole thing.

    I think it's funny that someone would be so caught up in Internet life that he would create an entire account just to bash someone else.

    Only one person is looking bad here, and it's not the bashee....

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