Honestly, how many beers can you drink before you get drunk?

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  • jgnat

    My honey never has more than three. One two three three three three three.

    Me, one glass of wine is all it takes to get my life story.

  • drwtsn32
    I didn't know you were a proponent of homeopathy

    LMAO LT!

  • ButtLight

    I will count today and let ya know JH!

  • JH

    You won't beat me buttlight, you hear !!!!!! and my case is bigger than your case too....nanner nanner...

  • ButtLight
    and my case is bigger than your case too....nanner nanner

    So is your mouth!!!!!!!!!

  • JH

    Not true, Emu has the biggest mouth !!!

  • orangefatcat

    Okay I am going to tell you this, I don't drink and drive, so one of two things I do, stay overnight when I am visiting friends, or I will take a taxi.

    Now you Brits don't take this wrong but Guiness Beer tastes like DIRT, yep DIRT, I can't express it any better.

    My neighbours in the USA, your beer tastes like pee. It is terrible.

    Now I have to admitt that I do enjoy very much creamy beers, I like also Harpes, Twinney, that is as brit as I get.

    We as already mentioned have amazing beers in Canada. Micro breweries.

    I also like red beer.

    So that is my story and I am sticking to it.

    love Orangefatcat....

    Okay so I drank to I was red eyed... hehe

  • ButtLight

    Ok, I have had 7, and Im not even buzzed, so I will keep you informed, im in the mood!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sassy

    I can drink a lot of beer and never feel it..

    now a red wine.. is another story.. I feel a buzz after 2 glasses..

  • d

    I can drink about 6 or 7 and than I then I am feeling good.

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